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zz Feb 15
Lay me down
Lay me down

Our words
that' ve never been
Lay gently
on my skin
zz Feb 6
I miss the times,
when you made
me laugh

I miss the times
when you made
my heart beat fast

I miss the times
when you craved
the touch of mine

Those times we
left behind
Please lets figure out
what we are now
zz Jan 2
I came to you
Over and over

For the pain
That became my air

But for the upcoming year
I promise myself

Never again
zz Dec 2020
I invited you to come
I didn't realize

that behind your back
your sister pain
slipped in as well

You left
and She stays
zz Nov 2020
Every piece of you
slipped through
my fingers

In these days
I am just the waste of space
In the universe
zz Nov 2020
Wake me up
when it' s all over

When our distance
doesn't matter

Put your hand
on my head

and wake me up
my darling

when it all ends
zz Aug 2020
You never saw
the way I love you

It took me years
of self-hatred

to understand
I was not enough

So I choose myself
and leave
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