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zz 10h
The night I left
I removed my heart
and put it in your chest

Now I wonder sometimes
if you can still feel my love
flooding in your veins
zz 1d
I know that my happiness
shouldn't rely on other people

But I still put my whole life
to the palm of your hand
zz 3d
I don´t care anymore
where the life brings me
as long as you´re alright
content and happy
zz 4d
I have a secret life
very well hidden
from anyone´s eyes
in the glass coffin
I am lying
for you
to  never come
zz 5d
I´ ve lost the count
of sleepless nights
when dark window
mirrors my face
I no longer recognize
without you
I am nothing
zz 5d
You entered my soul
and pierced my heart
making me beg for your love
for ages now
desperate I must seem
hopeless my friends say
but I know no ther way
than loving you
zz Feb 14
I offered my heart
Little by little
Piece by piece
You took it all
After you left
And now I must live heartless
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