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zz Feb 2022
You make me feel
like a monster
for  years

I did believe you
But you don't
even know me

And you
own me
  Oct 2021 zz
Next to my pillow,
I keep a bottle
of her perfume

All of my longings are
for her small hand
holding mine

My heart still aches,
but only for her

And my poems only end
with her
zz Sep 2021
Why did I allow you
to crush me over
and over again

When will I
learn to stand
for myself
zz Sep 2021
I don't forget your face
and I tried hard
over and over again
Do you forget mine?

If you meet me
in my current state
would you recognize me
even with grey hair?

Will you recognize me
On the other side
Will you still feel
how my heart race
zz Aug 2021
One glimpse
of the corner
of the stranger's eyes

And you sneaked
back in
my old friend
self- hate

zz Apr 2021
You were teaching me
for years
how worthless
I were

Now I walk around the world
my own lessons
of love
and forgiveness
zz Apr 2021
You paint
my soul
all the colours
of the rainbow
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