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Chicken May 2019
She only
Winds her long bald neck in
to heave another drag
She is the local vulture
Old Hag.
The person this is written about, is a person who physically smiles and enjoys when her actions cause kids to suffer and cry.

She is seriously abusive.

If anyone’s having a good time, she will endeavour to destroy it and you. Sad thing is, she’s only destroying herself.

Just in case the ‘be nice to people’ patrol stroll in :D
nick armbrister Jan 2018
i remember back in 06 i worked in a warehouse
it was for a store that sold varied things
there were varied staff there in several departments
we had a boss who was a real hag and she ruled us
like adolf ****** ruled occupied europe
iron fist and no carrot
so you can imagine what i thought
as i got to know her ways
i eventually left as did a dozen other staff
leaving the store with a skeleton crew
head office did an investigation into this
it was due to the manager who was a real *****
she was both my manager and area manager
so if i had a problem and reported her
it was the bizarre situation of reporting her to herself!
a surreal investigation into herself
i wonder where she is now my old manager
still giving her staff absolute hell?
i've never met a hag like her...
Croiyon Dec 2017
She comes to me in my dreams
Looking into the darkest corners of my mind
Weaving madness into me
Whispering sweet lies in the darkness
She leaves at the dawn
And begins her ungodly rituals
Deep in the ebony black of the woods
Waiting for the dusk to return
So she can capture the young
To use their blood to summon horrors
May God save us all
For we are falling deeper into her web

— The End —