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Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
After the roar of the wind
had grinded down to die

sullen clouds dispensed
disbursed off their load

mist particles descended
sunlight pierced through

what's left of clouds there
poses a beautiful rainbow

emergence of light on drops
of rain crossing the azure sky

mighty nature stoops like a dog
locked in the element's grasped

growls and struggles to no avail
splashing it's body of curly trees

furs soaked forest dripping wet
spraying water into the breeze

nature needs to be scrubbed
once in a while like clothes

feeling good fresh as air
lay wagging it's tail.
  Oct 2018 Mohamed Nasir
Don't neglect the importance
Of family
Of friends
Of human relationships

Why else did Allah
Breathe into life Adam
And create Eve?

People say Allah is enough
He is
But that doesn't mean we don't need those around us
I repeat,
Why did Allah Himself

A friend
A family
A companion

One to share love
And life
Life and Love. Allah.
  Oct 2018 Mohamed Nasir
Timur Shamatov
Love is like a ****** - it hurts at first
Like a shooting pain from a needle that
****** the skin in a middle of your arm
Like a fire, floating through your veins as it
Burns it's way to a middle of your heart
Before it clouds your mind
You feel your body float as
Free as one will ever be
Unknowingly your mind slows and races
To unimagined peak of ecstasy.
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2018
Foreign soil leaves fall
One by one so too we all
Leaves, us, waits God's
  Oct 2018 Mohamed Nasir
All’s quiet and
sky’s pregnant with

every flake, a lake
of ice—
every footstep, a false

the moon
upon the frozen

the streetlamp
and begged me
to kiss you.
  Oct 2018 Mohamed Nasir
Alif Imran
Never thought it could break me once more,
You said you will be there through everything,
But you bail out when everything was at stake,
Leaving me alone collecting the broken pieces of everything we build together.

Overthinking all the words you ever say,
Cause you left me hanging at the last word you say,
I'm finding the way to make you stay,
Cause I am not ready to push my feeling away.

You left marks all over my chest,
You keep my regret checked,
You take your leave when you decide i am no longer your muse.
Funny how I'll be forgiving,
Even when you choose to let me go,
This heart will always beats for you,
I'm tired for not listening to myself,
Even when i'm about to lose it to the blues.

No one sees the pain behind that smile, i smiled.
Drink up the lies all of you ever shoved down through my throat.
Drive me to the edge of everything.
To the point I might just succumb to end my chapters right here.
But don't worry, i'll keep walking even when no one else is here with me.
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