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memoona kazmi Jan 2019
they say death hurts the most,
no it doesn't,
what hurt the most is,
watching your loved ones die,
in front of your eyes,
watching their soul being,
ripped apart ,
from their body,
watching them go,
while all you can do,
is just sit numb,
mourn over their death,
watching the death dance,
all around you,
showing you,
how weak you are,
how crippled you are,
at that moment we realize,
what hurts the most,
is the death of loved one
sufiya firdose Oct 2018
Hey this is for you
The person who is crazy enough to be with me
The one who know what I all need
The one who never complains
But gets over board when m with boys
The one who declaims to be my boyfriend
But claims as my husband
Yup it for you…
Today I have been so happy
You never give me a chance to complain
With you crazy sense of humor
You drive me insane
The day when I asked you to be mine
No doubt
You were perfect for me
Today after heights and low
I realize I love you more
It makes me happy just being by your side
All these feelings I just can’t hide
You look at me as if I’m the only girl around
You make me feel important and never let me down
You’ve shown me how to smile what to say
You’ve shown me what its worth to
Love someone each and every day
So this poem goes out for you
Who bare up with my mood swings?
And times when my anger rings
I used to dream of someone like you
And pray each and every night too
The one
Who hold me tight and see me through
To love my eyes and smile too
And when I am scared to stay with me for a while
And when I’m down take me to highs
It’s amazing feeling that I have for you
May be all I need to say is
I love you….
pretty like feeling love!!!!
Syv Elena Aug 2018
I like to play horror games
Amnesia was the first one I played
The monsters were scary
The envoirement was eerie
But if I'd call the monster Steven
Instead of scared I'd be merry

Steven was such a funny guy
He looked funny
He walked weirdly
Nothing of him would terrify

The only time he'd scare me was when I'd open the door
Sometimes the jumpscare would make me fall to the floor

Many years I have played these games
Even though I was scared, in the end I'd be okay

That was until I stood next to my brother
He was not yet in his grave
This experience was like no other
It crashed on me like a giant wave

I'd never seen him lay so still
It was hard but I wanted to try
Though I knew it could only go downhill
I wanted to touch his hand one last time

I lowered my body and reached out my hand
I was pretty sure he would scare me right then & there
But my brother didnt move, not even a hair

And I realized at that moment how much I wanted that jumpscare
I lost my brother back in February to suicide. Back then I didn't have the words to say what happened when I stood in that room with my best friend. I told her when I lowered my body that I was waiting for a jumpscare I knew would never happen.

It were very tough times.
To be honest, I still can't handle it.
Nicole Bataclan Aug 2018
She was,
She used to be,

I still startle

There will no longer be
Any new memories.

I look up
When the skies cry
When there is not a cloud in sight

I talk about her in the past tense now.

Eye on my arm
God squeezes my heart,

I remember the feel
Of toying with her
Sagging skin
’Til mine ages,
I will beam at my ink.

I talk about her in the past tense now.

On nights I cry,
On fine nights
I burst with life,

She cradles my heart.
Kelsey Jul 2018
I tilt my head back
Gently my eyes close
Pockets of sunlight peer through the arches
Of trees branches
A warm wind dancing on every leaf
My hair untangling itself with each running gust
Inhale its natural scent
Tears begin to flow
I ask
"Dad, are you there?"
I miss you, dad. I feel you in the most holy and raw places. I love you.
pk tunuri Jul 2018
Dear Reader,
Ever lost a loved one?
As a poet, I feel death must be a celebration.
The end of all the earthly sufferings, Right?
Have you ever felt happy for those who died!

We all die one day
Everyone we love will disappear in the same way
We humans, don't train ourselves, let's say
On how to deal with the death's play

Erase all the love, the memories before dawn
So that it won't hurt when they're really gone

Is that even possible for us to do?
Death is so painful & sad, yes it's true,
Even we can't escape from it, it's nothing new!
Death will beat us black and blue.

Cry and cry
Wish your loved one, a goodbye
Tell them, you'll see them when you die
Ask them to shine like a star in the sky

Cry, till the tears left for them are none
So that it won't hurt you in the long run
I die every time
you cross my mind
I wish I hate you
because loving you is hell
I rather go blind then
Not see u well
We meet when I was eight
From there I knew love was real
You keep me warm
through all of life’s chill
We grew up
But our bond stayed young
Your my ear on a hard day
My blanket on a lonely night
Everything was perfect
until you lost your life
Other people just saw you
But I saw a wonderful thing
To just call you human
Would insult your brain
You feel me better than anyone
You know when to speak
You know when to roll over
And you know when stay
I never forget the day you left
We drove to the office
Where they made it clear
Die here or die at home
My heart and mind tore in two
Logic and love
two words I wish I never knew
I held back my tears like a ****
Fixed my face
hugged and kissed your head
so deeply as to make your dreams sweet
Before you leave
I was alone as I watched
the grim reaper take you away
The look in your eye haunts me til this day
I just hope that
forgiveness and understanding
Was in her brain the day I choose
Your life away
pk tunuri Apr 2018
Any gift from a loved one is more valuable than its price
Michael Jan 2018
Wish for your eyes to see indeed
breathlessly wishing deep inside
your love needs you ,she needs you around here longer.
but you are already half dead and the other half in a coma

doctor says it could last a day, maybe two
or even a decade.
i still need you, without you love
life essense is spiceless
i need a re-incarnation!

faith is the remaining gut
left when all hopes are excercised.
one more redemption, the only chance to life again!
i desire for you life again, not so much to seek a second chance.

for you this cup kindly pass over,
Christ also resisted with an agonizing plea at calvary
one more prayer need answered
in this heavens today
darkness!!!! we lost him
pim pim pim pim and steadily the beeps rise

the heart rate monitor regains a steady pulse
its a re-incarnation!
breath taking deep inside, i recount
God answers prayers one moment in time sometime
when we so badly make the call.
Inspired by the movie: one moment in time.
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