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kyle Shirley Apr 2017
The way I feel about you, love doesn't even come close.
Your my best friend, the one I look forward telling everything to.
Your my light when I get lost in my own head and it seems like a dark twisted tunnel.
You cheer me up on the rainy days and let me know there are plenty of sunny ones to come.
You have let me understand what love is.

I not only look forward to dating you, but I see a future, and I'm not going anywhere.
I look forward to the proposal, the planning all of it up to the wedding.
I look forward to the fights, screaming kids, being parents and growing old with you.

Till' death doesn't apply to us, beautiful your who I want to spend eternity with. Your who I want to carry out every dream, hope, and prayer with.

Your it, your what iv been writing about for two years straight, the hardships, the pain, everything because everyone else just didn't make my cut.
Your who I have lovedone in past life times and many more to come. I'll always find you and fall right back in love again and again....
Writing is easy, just sit down at a type writer, and bleed.

— The End —