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Amanda May 8
I am not sure how to fix what's been broken
Scared I lose another piece of you with each word spoken

Everything I don't or do seems to never be right
When I try to figure out the reason we just fight

How many poor decisions can I possibly make
Before my ****-ups are too much for you to take?

Afraid if I loosen my grip you'll slip away and disappear
But the harder I clutch the less you want me near
Oh the irony
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
Now all my moments are calling her!
She is in Silence for now!
She is in Validation... Am I  dream or illusion!
She is afraid if closing her eyes!
The Confusion is squeezing her soul!
Shall I let him go!
Shall I let my goals!
Shall I keep him!
Shall I be in "Love"!
What is my.....Call!
Poetic T Aug 2014
All I had done, all I could have
But with a touch,
A single cut,
The blade was old, black as night
It was a paper cut, stung like hell
But that's how I let it in,
My world changed that day,
I awoke,
Where once there was blood
But a vein of black where but a scar revealed
My finger numb,
Cold to the touch,
And everyday I awoke the coldness spread
Like a vine it crept up veins black
Poison ivy creeping,
Awoken in the night my hand upon my throat
Of breath, I awoke was it a dream
I looked upon myself,
The mirror showed me The horror of the night,
A hand print, bruised flesh was seen
The veins of black had spread,
Upon my body
Pink flesh now discoloured,
Black veins protruded
I shivered, I was cold to the touch,
I was being consumed from within
The darkness crept upon my throat
A voice not mine spoke,
"Blade of darkness"
"Hell sealed within"
"Cut upon flesh"
"To release"
"The evil within"
"What was warm"
"Be cold to the touch"
"Death will follow"
"Once darkness spoke from within"  
Fear and terror gripped my mind
As this body know no longer mine,
I had moments before I was gone,
Blacking out I awoke,
What once was me know spoke
Your flesh is mine,
Released to sin, this is my suit
To wear, while you watch within
You are dead,
Spirit trapped,
I will live your life,
While you soul forever rots within.

— The End —