croob 3h
Biscuit, no! what did you eat?
i told you not to eat raw meat!
bad dog, i should send you to the pound!
think life's hard now? well, wait it out.
you're lucky i don't throw you in a ditch!
in this house you are a female dog;
in the pound, you're some mastiff's *****.
croob 4h
they say "write what you know"
so here i go:
croob 18h
a poem a day
will turn you ***

a poem a day
keeps the ***** away
croob 18h
my reality's bent like a *** man;
like a magician's spoon.
it's not like being on drugs
because being on drugs is Cool
its more like
not trusting yourself
and being *******
(can i say that
**** it)
its no fun being
by the corners of your own
dumb head.
croob 19h
if you want to be a writer
you must first become a whiner.
you must cut yourself on words
time and time again,
destroying yourself slowly
surely, with your planning pen.

someday that pen will rise
when it has surpassed you
to betray you; it's deceived you.
when this day comes,
no one will dare to grieve you
and when they read your poem about
how your pen killed you, they surely
won't believe you -
but they will, still,
remember the embers
of your seemingly
endless suffering.
croob 19h
lets go to a club, pleaded dan. no thanks,
i resisted. not my thing. but please, it'll be a good time, he insisted
and anyway you're lonely, i know.
no im not, i told him, but i was and so we go.
while my pal chats up a pretty gal, i wait
for him to finish, sipping a bit at my drink
and soon sipping loads; my self esteem erodes
within the first few minutes
and by the end, when their flirting's spent,
is entirely diminished. no luck? he comes back
and asks,
as though he ******* cares -
i feel the world folding in on itself
like an hunchback, or a lawnchair. i rise,
and punch him between the eyes.
hey, what the ****? he said,
but he didn't even stumble.
he didn't even tumble.
then he bashed my head against
the wall and watched me crumble
to the floor, no more, no more, no more
"but what the **** man," he said, again
I'm lonely, i said, i'm lonely, dan
i'm lonely and in need.
he pulls me up by my shirt:
"no, you're just fat and
full of alcohol and greed."

at first I was hurt for a long time, for
many years, i disappeared
into myself because i knew
that he was right. and when i go
one day, swiftly into the light
i lose my virginity up in heaven
to an angel ******. **** man,
thanks dan.
croob 2d
i eat some dirt for nutrients
but some worms crawl into my mouth
their guts erupt like mount vesuvius
they're in my throat now, get them out!

but then i choke, and soon i'll croak,
the worms spread through my sinuses
and all because i was too broke
to buy some ******* vitamins.
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