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croob May 25
my self contempt grew so strong it could
have put dwayne
the rock johnson in a chokehold.
it grew wildly as ivy, spiraling
like a broken man,
grew so quickly, like children into adults.

by myself, I wept, swept into a frenzy
like a cow into a hurricane.
i broke down like an old car,
like an interrogated man.
croob May 25
Conspiracies everywhere:
My buddha statue is watching me
smoke drugs and do ******.

Conspiracy is in the air:
I got a vpn to hide my IP
in case my hamster tries to dox me.

Shouldn’t the flag be still
if there ain’t no air in space?
It was all a ruse to win the race
against the soviets
and man,
i’m super over it!
croob May 14
I´m an adult
and will play webkinz when I want
because I´m an adult
who buys webkinz
every month
as a result
of deep seated issues.
  May 9 croob
Bo Burnham
The Squares lived happily,
in their square houses,
in their square yards,
in their square town.

One day, a family of Circles
moved in from the west.

"Get out of here, roundies!" shouted one of the Squares.
"Why?" asked one of the Circles.
"Because this is a metaphor for racism!"
  May 9 croob
Bo Burnham
with leaves spilled
like colored pencil shavings ---

the streets dicing our town
into neat, unfair portions ---
and me, eatin' that *****.
  May 9 croob
Bo Burnham
"No one understands me."

         it slipped out in
         a timid whisper
                             as she combed her beard.
croob May 8
Our love burned inevitably as a wax candle stump.
*******, I should've pushed more for that ******* prenup.
I should've listened to mom when she said,
"Suzy, you're too good for Tom."
'*** she was right; you disappeared into the night
and I woke up to an empty tent.
We'd gone camping, and you'd just up and left.

Dude, there was hardly any food,
and I guess my noisy sobbing had attracted a raccoon.
He approached me somewhat reluctantly
but soon, we began to spoon.

His little claws clung to my shirt,
which hurt, and he smelled sad.
He started to take this thing we had
a little bit too far;
I prayed suddenly for the rumbling
of Tom's oncoming car.

As the raccoon began to **** my back,
I closed my eyes and missed my dad.
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