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croob Apr 21
Good dogs get beat, too
You may not believe it,
But just look at this shitzu.
Poor dude.
Bloodied. bandaged. Paws bruised black and blue.
Who knew
A dog could turn such ghastly colors?
And who would enact
Such horror on another?

Waiting, panting in heat,
Sparky barks for the man
Who left him in the backseat.

There – emerging from the krogers,
That's where he's at.
6'5, but still fat,
And rocking a combover.

He smokes Newport's into Sparkys face,
And remarks on the heat-
Though he hasn't got fur,
And has turned on the AC.

Sparky tries to lick his face
The overheated little hound's
Heart does not have a place for hate.

Give me a break! Pleads the man,
Punting him out the window.
croob Mar 30
Sure as the rising tide,
I'm sure to change my mind.
Much like an aurevoir,
I signify goodbyes.

Sinners fester better in the church,
those Sunday vermin
Pay rapt attention to the sermon,
Those ratbastardly *******
Listen in rapture to the pastor,
Go straight home and beat they meat after
Describe their niece into the searchbar
So they can watch some actors clap her.

What am I?
Who am I?

I guess I'm just a riddling troll under a crumbling bridge.
I'm angry as ****,
And I been for a bit.
******* and **** me too,
And **** all this ****.
croob Mar 7
Here she comes, a runaway train

I chase her, pleading
Please, baby
Take me back!

She doesn't hear me,
(She is a train)
And speeds off.

I lay my lazy body
on the track;
I have lost
all will to write.
croob Nov 2019
A fair warning,
The clunk of my buckle is.
A fair maiden,
Under Satan she's buckling.

She can not distinguish her existence from his.
He extinguishes her resistence: with a brisk tsk,
Insistent kiss, or a closed fist,
She inevitably succumbs
like a suicide risk.

Staring into the abyss, courteously curious,
Without the flinching, you would think shes indigenous.
But it gazes back, furious,
And rises up in indignence.

Pity, they are good for nothing
but pretty ******* good at *******.
Pity, pretty soon they will be
Swallowed up
By something much larger than his ****.

Amen; praise jesus.
croob May 2019
my self contempt grew so strong it could
have put dwayne
the rock johnson in a chokehold.
it grew wildly as ivy, spiraling
like a broken man,
grew so quickly, like children into adults.

by myself, I wept, swept into a frenzy
like a cow into a hurricane.
i broke down like an old car,
like an interrogated man.
croob May 2019
Conspiracies everywhere:
My buddha statue is watching me
smoke drugs and do ******.

Conspiracy is in the air:
I got a vpn to hide my IP
in case my hamster tries to dox me.

Shouldn’t the flag be still
if there ain’t no air in space?
It was all a ruse to win the race
against the soviets
and man,
i’m super over it!
croob May 2019
I´m an adult
and will play webkinz when I want
because I´m an adult
who buys webkinz
every month
as a result
of deep seated issues.
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