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embedded in the most tenebrous corner of my mind,
harlequin memories of serendipity,
dripping like bittersweet wine,
tantalize me,
begriming what was once an unsoiled canvas.

engulfed in my despondency,
I repose homely
until my mind's taste-buds
savor the saccharine flavors
of its own derisive thoughts.

aroused to say the least,
my mind's libido is now being satisfied.
I lie here,
welcoming all that my thoughts and epiphanies have to offer.
I am unable to disclose what's bestowed to me
but that's irrelevant.

My mind is here...
and open
and anticipating
the pleasing rush
of these thoughts that venture through my head.

The pleasure is overwhelming,
forcing my chakras open
as my ajna awakens from its long slumber.

I crave this foreplay
and I plead with the universe
to make it never-ending
but it seems my cries fall upon deaf ears
and I'm left open-minded
and unfinished.
If you don't understand, you can ask me.
eye say ahhhh Jan 2015
Sweet baby go brush your teeth
Wash your hair and get back to sleep
It didn't matter I'm not cured
They took the pills that I need to sleep
And washed it down with the carrot juice
All in all it made me puke
The colors of sunset and rise
The smell of *** were all around
And I don't pull out
karen dannette Jan 2015
Luscious lips
Burning flesh, insatiable
Soaked in your essence
intertwined, love so brutal.

Fascinated with the rythym
Your libido keeping time
My pelvis is throbbing for only you
Your body is truly sublime.

The feeling of bliss
Saturated with our body fluids, merged as one
On the red satin sheets,  we lay naked
On my mind,  in my heart,  blinded by the sun.

Torchered by divine lust
Kept satisfied in your essence, grateful
Irrisistable lips forever probing
Heart so full of love,  forever faithful.
Valerie Csorba Oct 2014
Let me apologize, to begin with because of my body type.
I will NEVER be good enough for anyone to date due to current 'hype.'
You know, the battle of 'bones' vs curves?
Just let me inflate myself to the  right number so I can properly serve
As the perfect specimen for your delicate eyes.
Obviously no one is good enough unless they've got decent thighs.

But just wait a ******* minute, because here I am again:
So let me apologize, to begin with, if I offend
You or your friends who think they're too good
To date someone larger, with some extra love under the hood.
How many times have I heard you exclaim in disgust
Of how large she is and how you'd drown in her bust
If you even got near her? I saw you shaking in fear.
From your head to your toes, you were trembling dear.

See I'm told to eat more and maybe, just maybe,
At the end of the night I'll be the one you call baby.
But if I was larger, and let's tell the truth,
You'd be so disgusted by my 'sweet tooth.'

I could eat an elephant and never gain a pound,
She could eat a salad and the crunch is the only sound
You hear a mile away and yet you would assume
That burgers and French fries is all that she consumed.
Do you ever stop to think, ladies and gents?
The true beauty of someone isn't based on the number on their pants.

So, let me apologize, to begin with,
If I bruise your massive ego,
But the way to tell if she's the perfect woman is not by your libido.
Neph May 2014
An elliptical scent sways and swoons the chamber's floor
As goddesses feathering their summer clothes galore
Without mourning hot concreted toes anymore
As a cool spell sighs upon their necks
Each idle with radiance worthy of praise and sects
Worshipers of the nigh
Like neph
Tribute with sighs
Ridged, hypnotized by mere thighs
And ***

— The End —