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karen dannette Dec 2015
I am so difficult that I wonder how I've been able to survive
In this world of corruption, greed and power trippin' fools.
Beyond the surface, inside of me, there is pure love and joy
Always pushed into a corner with hustlers with a hidden agenda, trying to be cool.

The choices in my life have my name written upon them.
Yet, the solutions come from the Divine, are words written upon my heart and soul
Traveling free, not afraid to be me...
So, I walk upon this earth, never allowing the evil to take it's toll.

Here you are and here I am too.
I try to understand why you did those things to me.
I come up empty-handed for the reason you chose that way.
Just when I thought I had moved on, I see you for who you are supposed to be.

You were diagnosed with Cancer and finally opened your eyes.
But, now it's too late to open up myself to the pain you can cause.
I tried to be there for you cuz that's just who i am.
Your never ending lies only hurt me and add to my loss.
My ex got in touch with me recently to give me the news and it devastated me.  I told him I would pray for him.  It's so sad that you don't know what you have till its gone.
I see so much Light-bringers here , bless you all.
I see true Hope through you my friends thank you.
For it shines so much brighter coming from you.
Ordinary people with such an extraordinary gift.
Drawing me into true Hope and True light from Christ.
This is his gift to each of us, to see the Light in others.
Thus giving us each true Hope through you , he uses.
To reveal life and the Light to others drawing them in.
So I may say thank you to each of you for this gift to others.
  Nov 2015 karen dannette
I am destroying myself so others can't
It's a twisted kind of control but it's the only kind I got
You're poison to my body every beat of my heart is making me worse... And worse
Had when cards
Cottages the scoffs royal
Ye not,
By beyond
By represent her under

And table, many
With on down wolves
Combat, changed
Named meanwhile loud
Loo through
Beautiful the wit,

Out crosses
Fields to array,
Like wolves
Falling, struggling
Seemly o'er, to
karen dannette Nov 2015
I'm watching you as you watch me
It's breaking my heart to see you cry constantly.
WE have had memories that no one can take away
Even if I left right now, I want you to be ok.

These white walls are screaming and the nurses don't even care.
Feeling so lucky just to have you here.
The drip of the medicine slowly killing me
I only pray for it to be quick, if it is to be.

Life is short like a piece of sand on this beach.
Relationships and building character is what we should seek.
In one hundred years of advancement, we've taken ten steps back.
Perfect love and kindness is what we often lack.

We act so much better than the animals we cage.
Then wonder why mother nature is pouring out her rage.
The earth was freely given with more than enough to supply
When I think of the greed and selfishness, it makes me want to cry.

We are all so worried about what happened in the past.
If we don't start living in the present, our race will not last.
Instant gratification and materialism and power for a false sense of pride.
Are we ever going to adapt and evolve and stop the constant lies.

Friendships that last are hard to find
It takes a lifetime to truly appreciate the genuine kind.
We've been given a brain we are too lazy to use
It's like we're playing a game, in order to win, we have to lose.

My breath is now rattling out of my chest
Maybe now, my soul will finally be at rest.
When I stand at the gates of judgement, I'll smile.
Cuz life only lasts a second, but eternity is a very  long while.

Advice from beyond the grave and back
Love everyone, even those who hurt you, even if they don't love you back.
For the real test of character and spirit within you
Is forgiveness, kindness and always being true.

Meditate, reflect and do your best at everything
Time runs out so fact, you don't even notice it.
So stay the course and on the right path, whatever you do
Never say never, don't give up and be one of the chosen few.
karen dannette Nov 2015
Take it into your sacred place
Where nothing brings you down.
Search your heart for what is real
Don’t listen to the gossip in your town.

Leave the fakes alone,
Let them take themselves out.
If you lose money in a deal,
Walking away is what it’s all about.

Free your mind from illness and debris
Thank your God for being alive today
Take a step in the right direction
And get out of your own way.
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