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amy Mar 2020
shut your mouth
breathe quietly
are you capable of sitting silently?

i have watched you
in my hour of boredom
you have become my problem

peace has stormed out of the room
because of your inability to be quiet
do you really have to yawn that loudly?
is it really necessary to bulldoze me with your breath?

irritation simmering
yet i find it bewildering
that the annoyance you cause me
stems from your simple act
of being free
julianna Aug 2018
I’m not an angry person,
I’m just an irritable perfectionist.
Haha. I’ve told myself this lie for so long, but I’ve now come to realize that it’s the same thing.
julianna Jun 2018
It’s happening again.
I’m alone in this body
And stuck in my head.
I’m irritable.
I’m worried.
I’m unable to cope
I’m filled with violent dread
And I’m glued to my bed.
I’m left wondering why this is happening again.
KJ Apr 2018
I feel irritable
for no reason at all.

I can’t shake this feeling
of wanting to scream my head off.

I feel unstable, like
the smallest thing could set me off.

Every noise, not matter how big
or how small

grates on my ears,
and fills me with anger.

My body quivers with unease,
my hands fidget incessantly.

Sensory overload,
can’t seem to dull the things around me.

I want to pull my hair out.
I want to scratch and yank at my skin.

My body doesn’t feel like it’s mine,
I feel uncomfortable. My skin is crawling.

Stop asking me what’s wrong,
I can’t give you an answer.

I could tear myself apart,
piece by piece.

All due to this feeling,
of being overly full

Jellyfish Apr 2016
Maybe the reason I've been offline so often
is not because I'm trying to start a life but,
because it reminds me that you and I are dying out.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015
I was born.
I am still living it down.

(C) 12/4/2015
I didn't WAKE UP in a bad mood...

Jellyfish Nov 2014
Everyone loves her,
Her actions and her words.
She's "Little miss popular"
Just because her tongue never slurs.

She's intimidating, and rude too.
She thinks she's incomparable,
Although she has a lot of things she needs to improve.
Her friends laugh at every word she says,

But I think the only reason they smile, is because they're afraid.

— The End —