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FC Azaele May 8
The things I write,
I find no please. I won’t lie nor dare deceive
All so blank and muted,
times passed by and the ink stain only grows and wets over,
I’ve grown so accustomed to it all
Like the tumble weeds that roll
in a circus act, no significance for deserved applause —
That’s how I see it all

The words, Christ, so irresponsibly thrown around
Some I can’t even find, despite them laying on the ground —
Blanched beauty, twisted Frames
where has my head been wondering off today?
All a shoddy word puzzle,
with no ounce of light or single
Saving grace
Cyndi Dec 2020
I use my illnesses as an excuse to not do what needs to be done, to not do what I want to be done.

I spent hours and hours on a project I love, but will likely never finish.

I went the whole week without finishing a single assignment.

I leave my hundreds of abandoned projects by the wayside, despite wanting to work on them all.

I dream of creating so, so much, but don't ever commit to something because it's not instantly gratifying.

I wrote a poem about how awful I am for friends and strangers alike to see and pity me over.

I told my parents that I did homework when I just lazed around all week.

I waste money on food when there's food in the house.

I woke myself up too late at night with this poem in mind.

I want to **** myself sometimes.
I don't know if this is similar to any kind of previously defined poem, but I followed a clear pattern in my word choice and stanza structure that I haven't seen elsewhere. Sometimes, you just want to define yourself, even if the definition isn't really always true.
I think I'll call this kind of poem "Défini via des Mots," because it just seems right to name it in french, haha.
Proctor Ehrling Dec 2019
I know what you think
But we will still drink
We're all cases for a shrink
But we will still drink
We'll be filthy, we'll stink
But we will still drink
In our ears, constant clink
But we will still drink
We can't dance to anything
But we will still drink
Feels like a cult, this our ring
But we will still drink
Our behaviour needs a swing
But we will still drink
Our songs make no ding
But we will still drink
It's fun like it's spring
But we will still drink
Can no longer tell any drink's distinctive sting
But we will still drink
The night has taken us under its wing
But we will still drink
We've had our necks on a string
But we will still drink
We miss half our lives in a blink
But we will still drink
[thanks, J.]
My pen's out of ink
**** it, the night isn't over
Wrote this yesterday on a friend's birthday party, she also contributed the closing lines. So thanks, J., much appreciated.
Anya Sep 2018
Don’t cross the yellow line
She says
I do just that

Look in ALL the mirrors before reversing
She rehashes
I glance at one

Put on a signal before you turn
She insists
I turn without a pause

Full stop at the stop sign
She stresses
I slow down a fraction

Be careful with right turns
She warns
I nearly crash a curb

What will it take you to ever heed me???!
She demands in hopelessness

A week later, there’s an accident on 74th street
She gets her answer.
Anya Sep 2018
Lips pursed
Blatant irritation
Eyes flickering, like little fireflies
Shining a spot light
On every little piece of dust
Remotely out of place
In my room
Godlink May 2018
I let loose with you

I've never felt more at ease than I have around you

The truth is, I have always wanted to be with someone who

parties like there is no tomorrow

who drinks and dances with little care of the outside world.

You're a culmination of hurt and fun

and i'd down the glass of insecurity you are with no regrets.

Your eyes speak volumes of devilry and you beacon me to sin

and I set my trust in you and follow blindly.

Who would of known you could be addicted to a personality,

corrupt me,

and send me to hell with you for an eternity.
It's raining outside
you might get drenched
the kids won't play
their phones get wet
the parents come home
just soaked in sweat
from living a life
they have not led
happy with things
just being content
spending it all
and not saving a cent
struggling to pay
the bills and the rent
not taking the actions
to help them prevent
not making enough
with phone calls of threat
from the people who are
just collecting a debt
knocks on the door
from people they sent
to shut off the lights
and close off the vents
selling their stuff and
the things that they spent
like furniture, clothes
and videocassettes
out on the curb with
their kids and their pets
gambling away and
losing their bets
with only each other
and maybe regrets
J Foster Mar 2017
We dress in all black when we’re apart,
Two walking shadows trying to escape the dark.
You told me you wanted to feel something,
And you thought cutting yourself open would be a start.
You’re too young to feel this empty,
But what is one to feel without a heart.

Love never told us what to do, but your friends did.
All of the people who couldn’t keep a lover,
Seemed to give the only advice that you listened to.
I tried to bring you to your senses,
But your hearing and our vision seemed to fail.
I said that we should take a break,
And you just told me to go to hell.
I’ve burned to this very day,
My heart too heavy for any scale.

Our home became just another house,
One side of the closet cleaned out.
My patience and hair are running thin.
I just want to be back with you again.
I threw everything away that you left,
Except for our memories, and only the best.

The pills couldn’t rid my mind of you,
But you’re long gone,
And all you left me with was the song
That was your laughter
And the art
That was your smile.
Thomas EG Mar 2017
He looks at me with such love
I see my reflection and hate it
Too insecure to understand
But, regardless, I appreciate it

He kisses me passionately
And, believe me, I kiss him back
But he makes no sense to me
And I can never keep on track

I am told that in order to love
Anybody, yes, anyone at all
I must first learn to love
Myself and embrace my flaws

I cannot do that, so please tell me
Is L.O.V.E. really impossible?
I have experienced so many things
My heart is simply irresponsible
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