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amy Mar 2020
shut your mouth
breathe quietly
are you capable of sitting silently?

i have watched you
in my hour of boredom
you have become my problem

peace has stormed out of the room
because of your inability to be quiet
do you really have to yawn that loudly?
is it really necessary to bulldoze me with your breath?

irritation simmering
yet i find it bewildering
that the annoyance you cause me
stems from your simple act
of being free
xoK Mar 2014
******* for being so far away
******* for making me want you
I can say it certainly is not fair,
What is this, the ******* teacup ride?
I always hated the fair.
Fishing for plastic ducks and shooting impossible targets
Seems like a setup for failure to me.
******* for making me take a look at myself in the mirror
And for making me ask questions
For making me lie
And for making me tell the truth.
Why can't things be easy?
Oh yeah, that's just not how it works around here.
******* for making my imagination run wild.
For casting yourself in the movies my brain constantly films
And ******* for getting the cinematography just right.
I can't look away.
******* because all I have is my imagination.
I can make you whomever I want you to be.
******* for curling your hair and for having those lips
And for being comfortable with yourself around me
**** your small wrists and your quirky characteristics
Your eyeliner and your fingernails
**** your sparkling smile and your hips
And ******* for making me want you so bad.

**** me.
**** me for yearning.
**** me for learning
That it's not that simple,
That nothing is set in stone,
That people are confusing as hell.
**** me for taking the time to write this poem
**** how angry it's making me
And **** the fact that I'm writing it because of you.
The angriest poem I've ever written. But I think it actually turned out okay and somewhat entertaining to look back on. LDR life.

— The End —