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Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to,

keep scrolling through my timeline,
Facebook lines & Instagram posts,
but can’t seem to find anything of interest,
which doesn’t make sense since I love everyone,

got everything we want,
but nothing that we need,
traded in our dreams,
for some fantasies on a screen,
here forget you used to be free,
have a seat & take this TV,
it’s amazing how we make miracles,
seem so easy,

it’s like,
these machines gave us everything we ever wanted,
giving us anything that we ever needed,

& it’s strange because I’ve won every battle,
but still I feel defeated,
it’s like I’m sitting around,
alone with all these toys around me,

feeling like a Prince without a Kingdom,
or a King without a throne,
or a Princess without a wishlist in her Queendom,
with a magnificent house that’s missing a home,

are you missing your home,
that home you never had,
are you missing that feeling,
that feeling that you can’t quite grab,

and that’s,

exactly why you keep scrolling through iTunes,
& that’s exactly why I keep scrolling thought iTunes,
we’re both missing the same thing & searching in vain,
it’s eerily ironic how we can feel so alone in the same room,

& I feel your pain because I feel my pain two,

pardon me,
maybe I’m confused,
maybe we,
wanted to get attention instead of getting used,

& there’s so much more I want to mention,
but then again I guess what’s the use,
why start something that’s only definite is an ending,
but I’m your friend so if you want to begin it’s up to you,

I’m willing to relax,
I’ll answer all your questions,
let’s trade facts,
truth or dare until we express all our intentions,

in the pursuit of passions,
listening to intuitions,
remembering what it was to be human,
before we gave in & gave them our emotions,

I swear something doesn’t feel right,
like most of these humans are just Programs,
who look like they are moving with intention,
but are really just going through the motions,

keep scrolling through iTunes,
can’t seem to find anything to download,
even though I can download,
any song that I want to…

∆ LaLux ∆

Los Angeles, CA.
October 8th, 2018
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
Look his dumb **** *** came in called you a mouth full *******
Don’t message me about that ****
***** I don’t think you or his
Raggedy ***
And I never will ******* an him
You not about to get on my Facebook
With your *******

I have a job get one
Stop dealing with a man that
Called you a rotten tooth *****
Maybe it’s true

Either way I don’t speak on you so
See your way off my page for I
Involved your husband *****
Your weird
Grow up old *** hagg
This is a woman can’t have what she want. Because one special person has a friend. She want him.
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
Good man is curious about all things around
That’s shape and impact his country his town
Raising his voice for those in need
Helps putting smiles on faces that frown

Good man will listen and will give ear
In doing so, he will make his point clear
Good man will respect all other views
Actually the truth, he will stand firm without fear

Good man is like open book
He cares
He respects
He considers
He guides
Good man holds no grudges inside
Faces up the truth, he hides

Good man is never hard to find
Shuns injustice never turn his eyes blind
Good man is inside all of us, yes sir it’s true
He never let that good man die in you
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
I was worry
For us to unmoving mountain
There a midst of an earthquake .
Shaking ground
Doesn’t mean to destroy it
It cannot be helped
When something
Are just so obstinate.
Must survive
Or crumble....

Are earth is changing beneath us all.
Nothing will ever be the same.
Either you fall apart or carry on
Emilia Rodriguez Oct 2018
I am artist
That grandparents pass on to me
I am a writer
That write  with wisdom
I am a mother with four kids
I am a business woman
When it comes to  ability
  To provide for my family

I am a caring and loving person
I am very honest
I am very straight forward
I am out going
Bartholomew Sep 2018
Your “about me” says: ask”, but I don’t know where to start.
Your intent wants to “date but nothing serious” at heart.
But I wanna know more,
my ambition is to learn how very ambitious you are.
The 3 photos attached to your profile inspired me to write this scribe.
Hoping I don’t come off as corny cuz if I do I’ll be dying inside.
But I’ll shoot my shot, slide in ya DM and hope the best of luck.
And I ain’t goin lie, I’m digging ya style, you look **** as **** without your pictures showing too much.
Eloquent features, soft lips, but are your eyez filled with pain?
Cuz the pics don’t depict a smile, please don’t take that the wrong way.
I wanna get high with you spiritually and **** the **** out of your thoughts.
Make your spirit bust as ya soul gets wetter from every idea that was sought.
I wanna kick it, share uncontrollable laughter, go on adventures and get lost.
What’s the cost?
Free thinker, free thinker, are you thinking I’m too soft?
Nah never that, I’m just not afraid to show emotion in which this generation is currently at fault. Their lost.
Doesn’t mean I’m in love with you, doesn’t mean I’m not guarded and ****
Doesn’t mean I’m tryna lock you down like Wayne and mya and have you fallen and ****
But I am interested like whoa, who knows it could be destiny
Even though I wanna see how you put that thing on me, I can’t let you get the best of me
I wanna know everything
from your first love to your last
All just because I’m captivated and your “about me” says “ask”

So I ask.... are you intrigued as well?
Or am I looking  for love in a wrong venue?
Mya ft Lil Wayne- lock u down
Mya- like whoa
Mya-best of me
Mya- fallen
And to whoever MyaLove is on Pof that didn’t give me a shot. It’s all good love
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Was told we’re not supposed to call it The 3rd World anymore,
that the politically correct term is “Developing World”,
It’s not 1st and 2nd World,
it’s Developed and Developing world,

I thought,
what difference does it make,
the same disparities still exist,
regardless of if the names change the problems remain,

we’re quick to look down on a 3rd world mob boss,
because he executes a few troops to make a statement to say,
but who are we to judge if you ask me all humans are fckt up,
and at the end of the day nothing really matters anyways,

we’re all Lethargic Aggressively Passive Agitators,
we’d all rather get lost in an Instagram Timeline,
than get found in our Real Life Timeline,
where the Beast of Burden are disgusted as Beauties that are benign,

anyways whatever where am I I’m flying through the sky on an Air New Zealand flight,
watching a documentary about Spielberg,
his phenomenal rise in the film industry,
and how some critics pointed to his rise as the demise real cinematographic art,

but critics are critics and that’s just it,
they get paid to criticize,
when in fact most of us artists types would argue,
that everything is art every scene on screen and in real life,

only difference is with real life it feels like there’s no break time,
that everyone’s forgot their lines & there’s no script,
the camera is always rolling the director never yells cut,
and even when you get frustrated you can’t walk of the set and call it quits,

what the heck is this,
what kind of sick joke is someone playing,
I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve got a great life,
I’m not complaining at all I’m just saying,

this mind of ours has some dark places,
everyone scared of sacred water because of Jaws,
it sparked a fear that lead to the slaughter,
of the majestic prehistoric fish known as the shark,

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Spielberg,
think how many other ways he altered all our perceptions,
think about his films about aliens,
think about her portrayals of various villains,

either that or don’t think about it at all,
just turn on a screen and watch a show,
and try to seize the moments,
because most of us don’t realize the movie’s over until the credits begin to roll,

here we go,
another poem about nothing that we find important,
like life and disparities and re-programming of soul,

but what does it matter anyways,
if life is but a dream and we are lost at sea on a boat,
I mean we’re all gonna die at least in the physical sense,
and I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I’ve been told,

then again I’ve been told a lot of things,
got me thinking that someone isn’t necessarily wise just because they’re old,
so I take all food for my soul with a grain of salt,
because something isn’t true just because it was told,

Was told we’re not supposed to call it The 3rd World anymore,
that the politically correct term is “Developing World”,
It’s not 1st and 2nd World,
it’s Developed and Developing world…

∆ LaLux ∆
bella Sep 2018
Hey guys sorry i haven’t been active recently!
|i havent been active because i have no motivation|
I’m so excited to show y’all my new content!
|everything i make is overlooked and unloved|
I hope you guys enjoyed this cover!
|they hate it already|
Make sure to Like and Comment for more!
|theyve already scrolled past it. i’m just another post on their home page|
I’m so grateful for all of my followers!
|the few that i have only follow me out of pity|
I’ve been going through a rough patch at the moment so thanks for all the support!
|nobody cares|
Here’s a drawing of @popular.artist and @talentedmusician !
|ill never be as talented. ill never have as many followers|
|­im not worth it|
This poem was about how I feel about my social media. It was a kind of what I say to my followers And then what you see if you ‘read between the lines’.

Hey whoever’s reading this! I have actually been going through a really tough time for a while but I’m back!! I’m going to try and post a poem every week so stay tuned.
Jenny Van Sep 2018
You tell me you have mistakes
Society is pressure
And courage is all it takes
Then it keeps getting better

Well, thank you for writing this
On instagram and facebook
Under a pic,edited
That you perfect boyfriend took

Instagram is the weapon
For the new modern women
Pictures look like heaven
But they'll chase you like demons

You can't put your weapons down
Even if you think it's sh**
You can't give up your fake crown
You are just too scared of it
Gods1son Sep 2018
Woke up in the middle of the night
Reached out for my phone to check the time
Two notifications from Instagram
Quick check and now it's 30mins on the Gram

Decided to put the phone down
Then came a message from a buddy from another town

We texted till the dawn of the day
Oops, I think I forgot to say
It was 3am when I checked the time
****! I couldn't think straight for the rest of the day!
Our phones could be used for our benefits but they could also be a big distraction. Have you ever been a victim of this?
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