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Sarah Michelle Dec 2014
What am I?
Mother, father, (ladies first)
Can I be pretty?
It's warm in here, a green-
house of orchids. The ladies
& gentlemen come in to
have a look, woman's always
At least,
give me the benefit of doubt;
Will I ever be pretty?
Doesn't matter much to me,
only, ladies first,
describe what it means to be
Human-god, human-god.
Jesus, and
I can carry my doubt like
a knapsack
through the cloud of eye-ful
bodies,  (fellow gods)
Eridan Ampora Aug 2014
This is a thing
Where a satanic beast
slipped an innocent victim
a Roofie
and 9 months later
The Papple is a Fruit, a hybrid of the Apple and the Pear. I hate Pears with such a passion that I had to say something
Äŧül Jun 2014
Darling, there are few facts that you
must know as a student of science,
And there are many more that you
must know as a cute human being.

There are three bearing mango trees
& one guava tree outside our home,
The guava tree is infested with the
parasitic growth of a sacred fig tree.

After many years' from today
the "Bargad" tree will grow out,
Ousting the guava tree it will finally
be free but it won't forget guava tree.

It will always feel having been parented by the guava tree, and so it might actually become a hybrid of both the trees and so a love child hybrid tree would ultimately give shade and fruits to people in the future generation.

So should be the ideal love of a human being be inspired towards everyone including the ones who they love and fellow human beings - selfless and pure.
A bargad tree is called sacred fig in English

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
Kiamm May 2014
What is a haiku?
I could show you or tell you,
But would it be true?

Some ask, "What is poetry?"
I say, "Draw a tree,
"That is. " "But how can that be?"

Because it just is.
Whether it is "hers" or "his",
The truth is just this:

See, poetry is unique,
So open your beak,
For it is your words we seek.

It is true that poetry is ubiquitous,
But I have never seen one lack creativeness
*spoiler* This is my version of a haiku-sonnet. It has an alternating syllable pattern and the rhyming couplet contains 12 syllables each.

*I know creativeness probably isn't a word but I have poetic license.
*pirates on the sea
Capitan Morgan, life, love, loot
a bottle of ***
Sir Henry Morgan, son of Sir Francis Drake and the most successful pirate in world history.  In 1674 he was knighted by the Welch Navy, given a crew and command of the ship Oxford. He set sail and never returned, sailing southward toward the Caribbean Islands. Within just days he attacked and captured the French Navel Ship "Cour Valant" and changed it's name to the "Satisfaction". Upon approaching an island he fancied, he attacked and captured the only ship in the harbor at Lawrence Field Jamaica, giving him 3 ships before ever stepping on dry land. He then declared himself Governor of Jamaica. During his career as a pirate would command 10 ships and vast amounts of wealth. He was loved by all men and hated by every country.  Then one day he sailed into the sunset and was never seen again.
Life, Love and Loot
*Lou Reed spikes his vein
rock 'n roll and ******
rushing on his run
R.I.P. Mr. Reed
your legacy is your music and pioneer spirit
not ****** addiction
*wonderland of Alice
magic mushrooms hooka pipe
Lewis Carroll smokes
*sweet **** and *******
inspire poet master
William Shakespeare's muse
purple haze my brain
Jimi Hendrix acid trip
while I kiss the sky

— The End —