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Misael Lopez Aug 2017
We Carry Depression,
Depression Carries us,

A Daily Battle is almost always Fought,
For some, almost always lost.

The trick, if there is one, almost always is,
To Keep battling minute to minute.

One moment you may walk through
A door, feeling lower than low.
But the next thing you know...

A sudden change so small you wouldn't notice, renders your woes mute.

All you have to do is hang in there,
Fight Minute to Minute.

Drinking a cup of Starbucks Helps Too.
First poem in a while :)
Misael Lopez Feb 2016
What are the signs if any,
That something is on the edge
of Erupting.
Are there no smoke signals,
No phenomena to heed,
to let you know something is building?
Deep beneath the surface,
Where everything is surely collected,
lies years of accumulated
stress, fear, and despair.
An unimaginable amount and power,
able to sear the earth plain.
When it becomes to much, who will be there to blame?
The surface will shatter, and the load will scatter,
Those above and around,
Will stand shocked and open-mouthed.
How could this have happened?
It was only natural,
So much for so long,
Of course it would spill out.
Misael Lopez Nov 2015
I am back,
And very happy for that,
To resume my work long neglected,
Yet these pages and vioces here,
Full of depression and negativity!
Oh jeez, I have my work cut out for me!
Let this then be a Declaration!
To make those sighs and grunts go away,
This I vow to do today.
  Nov 2015 Misael Lopez
; placing the weight of the entire world on my shoulders
; trying to fulfil everyone's expectations towards me
; breaking down when the pressure tears me into pieces
; not focusing when I'm supposed to be most focused
; trying to explain myself to people who look at me like I'm a joke
; ruining my dreams with negative thoughts of myself
; expecting so much from myself to the very extent of me wrecking myself if I don't achieve what I want
; placing myself in the midst of chaos and not knowing how to scream " I need help "
; letting myself drown over and over again, after trying so hard to lift my head above the water
; never being good enough for myself
; trying to make anyone understand the noises in my head
Misael Lopez Nov 2015
You are both and neither,
A lonely traveler searching for a home,
A social outcast,
A winding fork in the road.

Always Two separate paths,
Converging and Diverging,
Must you choose one or the other?
So many Possibilities not yet discovered.

Your unique disposition,
Superior to all in retrospect,
Yet they say purity and unison,
Not diversity and opposition.

Why then, where and when then,
Do you truly belong?
In every sense,
that is both your gift and curse.

You must find or create,
The mystical land of Grey in-betweens,
For both you and me.
We are who we are
Misael Lopez Sep 2015
Let the flames of the present,
Burn away the memories of the past,
Let the wind blow the ashes,
To a distant land.

The past shall burn,
The future shall fly,
But you and I will remain,
In the here and now
Of Time.
Misael Lopez Sep 2015
What is the difference, I wonder?
Between this world and the other?
Why is it that one holds endless freedom?
While the other, a kind of sad religion.
One is filled with bright colors and light,
The other, everything that makes for a fright.
One is found through the eyes,
the other we see only in our minds.
Yet, the world in our minds,
More real than anything in our lives,
Why oh why!
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