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Mar 2014
*pirates on the sea
Capitan Morgan, life, love, loot
a bottle of ***
Sir Henry Morgan, son of Sir Francis Drake and the most successful pirate in world history.  In 1674 he was knighted by the Welch Navy, given a crew and command of the ship Oxford. He set sail and never returned, sailing southward toward the Caribbean Islands. Within just days he attacked and captured the French Navel Ship "Cour Valant" and changed it's name to the "Satisfaction". Upon approaching an island he fancied, he attacked and captured the only ship in the harbor at Lawrence Field Jamaica, giving him 3 ships before ever stepping on dry land. He then declared himself Governor of Jamaica. During his career as a pirate would command 10 ships and vast amounts of wealth. He was loved by all men and hated by every country.  Then one day he sailed into the sunset and was never seen again.
Life, Love and Loot
Written by
     WARNER BAXTER and Samantha Ellis
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