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MadnessUnseen Sep 2018
here in the darkest night
wondering when will the morning comes
under this dim moon light
unable to control my thoughts

i think about heaven and ****
and the reason, they made the lies
and what comes after death
are we able to hear our loved ones cries

i remember these words
"you don't die as long as you're remembered"
and think
if that's the case we are already dead and gone

because now i know that
we are all someone
but never ourselves
remembered by no one
MadnessUnseen Aug 2018
as we fall down on the ground,
we learn to stand up for another round.
this is how life has been for everyone around,
how it attacks us like a hound.
stuck in cycle of life, round and round.
no way to get out, we are bound.
fighting our way through this battleground,
is the only way the truth can be found.
feeling like I've been drowned,
for all this time that I've been around.
by the way that life goes i am astound,
and the only truth i know; Death is profound
  Aug 2018 MadnessUnseen
Lewis Irwin
I can only picture dying,
I've exhausted my own mind.
It's not for lack of trying,
To extinguish these thoughts of mine.

All things I see are blue,
But I love the blue Winter air.
I'm scared of heights; that's true,
But I walk on a tightrope without a care.

I'm toying with a sordid thought,
Just to see if madness is that bad but it's not.
Insanity and madness is all that I've got,
I've tried and I have tried but it just won't stop.

This may be the last you read from me,
I just can't keep up the lie.
This may be the last I write to you,
But when it's time, paint the flowers blue.
MadnessUnseen Aug 2018
Going forward on this life lane
this dead-end that is full of pain
we hurt eachother for fun, nothing to gain
hurt eachother 'till our hearts are full of bane
they say that the first sinner was cain
he killed abel left no blood in his vein
and now brother kills brother again
for religion, are they even sane?
there's no way their insanity, i could explain
"there's no god" this truth is arcane
and you're here hearing me complain
about this life and their religious reign
I have no problem with religion,
My problem is with religious people.
when they are forcing there belief into others,
they are stopping brilliant mind from understanding or discovering something new.
MadnessUnseen Aug 2018
inside a prison of my own making
my life is still unexplored
time stands still for me
not a spill of blood can be poured

unable to end it all or to go on
I can not change anything alone
I'm inside my ****, I'm on my own
Forever still, just like a stone
MadnessUnseen Aug 2018
i am really bored
of living
drawing on my board
my death
belief is ****** and
so is faith
by my word i stand
**** the rest
the world is infested
burn the nest
and you guessed it
we are the cause
we are the infestation
with some laws
can not have salvation
it's too late
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