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Fallon Nov 2020
Why are you always so quiet love?
I’m not actually
What do you mean?
The girl turned toward the other with a faint smile
My heart is always speaking
This world just doesn’t know how to hear it yet
Debasmita Jun 2020
If my love will take shape someday...
It must be your shade.
Canvas is my heart and
though Indigo you are.
You will never fade.
I love life
Oh how long it has been
Since I have felt truly free
To run singing in the fields as a wild
Horse in the wind
Inside my temple embers burn
Brightly a fire life burns within
I am a madly wild independent woman like a mare I have been kept on these reigns on this trail take this bit out of my mouth if only they would listen to me I consider them friend they consider me servant
I just bucked my owner off and he lost control of me I am now running so far away from those people
That family should have known better
You cannot tame a wild horse not one as wild as me
Quite a while it's been and I am in
Green pastures I found my little foal oh how happy I am to be home again with my baby again free and peaceful
#freedom #horses #Sagittarius #heartsong #trapped #freemyself #freeyourself #idonthavetonetrapped #TAKINGMYPOWERBACK #CLAIMINGMYINDEPENDENCE
Austin Ryskamp Dec 2018
To explain art I have to start somewhere
A space to right what I was wrong about
A place to think the answers I want to know
To search out and find where my heart hides
Where my song resides
A hole existence
With a void
Or a whole life full of joy
I write to hear my pains, and see your smiles
to explain what I can't speak aloud during the miles
Traveled in this life
Boots worn down to broken souls
Souls worked into accomplished life goals
The tolls that made this face happy
Were paid in blood sweat and tears
A poem for artists.
Moji K Dec 2015
Rhyme, rhythm

Phrasing, lyrics

Hate, discordant

Fire, stirring

Melody, call

Song of my heart,
Heart of my song.
My entry poem.
the tarnished amour of the we little she, he and yes, the you in me.

Pix elated images vibratory frequency of the flicker rate,
the resolution in its #x# scale and aspect ratio,

silly how we utter this vibe from the heart, vocal in rounded grounded sounded,
these words, we symbolize, individualize, characterize, initialize, authorize,
these thoughts and concepts of need and purpose, of intent, of desired effect/affect, for reason and yes even a ******* resolution.

Yet is the resolutions we seek through intended deeds and understandings of these choppy rounded uttered babbled bastardized thought into the realm of physical and manifest from the electric thoughts of our seeming lone and lonely worlds of the pitch black of the inner parts of the skull and brain so gelatinous and electro- chemically factory of the mind through the spine and the Ark of the Covenant through the helix of a Jacobs Lattered spiral stair way to heaven , is it really ******* that we have in mind of resolution? or is it te failings of this duality we have created in the love of the out pouring of our creator into this silly illusion of vibrations reflection as our truth Experiences its creations through the very minds eye of our torn , broken and forgiving hearts a blaze?

I say, need not worry of a long sentence where the heart speaks without punctuation, anticipation, nor retaliation for rendered intent, for we utilize what is of truth and all things are of God and only in existence by the living will of Love which is your conscious creator and father, tree from which our seeds of lineage do come and a family tree that deeds us all kingdoms and lands where our hearts rule endlessly and in the glory of free thought and will al in the love of learning  and remembering we never have left the garden and the heart of our creator, see the remote of this reality is the illusion, we are only all and all only the one in the dim witted yet learning love of the consciousness of the one source, our facts an truths self evident on that day soon to come for us all, wt en we snap our heads to the right in a sudden **** to realize  ***, it is truly that simple? it was all that simple? oh my, yes, just as kindergarten, where we learned, Nothing is that difficult, the only thing difficult is the us in interaction with all of existence and the flow of what is already and always has been and never was, the never never of the always has been son. the You in me, the me in you and the we in this most truly intelligent, patient, kind and everlasting life of labored and growing love of the one true creator the all , the great spirit, the Lord, the soul one, so true, the all in all and the us all in you as you witness the beauty of you in the heart of the ever growing and thriving source of all, **** friend I love you too, and you love my *** too, and together we are both silly children and foolish in ever forgetting to believe less of the truth of miracles and the in a blink of an eye reality of the garden of dreams we stand, you there, me here, and nothing but love in the in between.

Not forgoing the risk that you just might fear the reality that you are a big softy and only dislike the hearts and unicorns shooting rainbows from their arses because you find little love in what man has created, well, son, brother, sister, sit down and lets talk for a second, consider this,
all things are created by God and thus made out of pure sound of the love pouring from the trunk of this tree of life, and if you i intend to harm another ******* in the world with one of Gods Creational vibrations with your creations of will and thought , then remember that God superseded your silly ***, by allowing that hate filled intent of harm  is made from love and the intent can be stripped from the truth of weight, pain, burden, causation for another to doubt themselves ( lets be honest, this is the flat truth, you can not cause true harm without the other allowing themselves to believe the creations purpose.) and in that be harmed by a creation from you using the love of God , for you can not create **** nor anything exist outside of the love and sound of Gods being and truth, so, yeah, next time you are hurt by another's actions and deed, remember, you are a creator in this love of God too, and you can strip the intent from all things man and take it to the original truth, Gods love for you as you learn and grow in this bizarre place of day dreams we have fancied ourselves helpless too, **** we can be silly and foolish but, we will never be undone nor destroyed in the image of the face of God for we are all made of the sound of Gods love for all existence.

and thus , if you don't agree, then, thanks for playing , lol, listening that is, and realize you are free to believe what ever, and i too am in this fact self evident, and in this one rule is the only consistent, harm none, least you be harmed. for out of the eater comes meat and from the strong comes a soft hand.
and in that, my friends, is where i stand.

and that is why all the tarnish and stains and marred marks of battles won and lost, will lift and flutter away as cherry blossoms in the wind on a summers windy day. and shine, you will, and counted we do make, for we are here to learn and grade one anothers efforts to stay in line with the core rules, and never, even, are we out of the you in me and the me in you. wink, smile and by the way, thank you for the small things , for they are truly the biggest of things in the cy re of self evident and good.

Badger Crow Moon/ Ricci Dale Moon Scott Oct/12/2015 12:04 PM
Moon Walk ✗☽彡☾✗☰ Trigram Heaven , may we all have equal chance to prove we can harm no one and create true and in love and growth of the Tree of life of Gods loving heart song of us all.
DMX Prayer 1 - 5
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DMX Lord give me a sign lyrics
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DMX - Lord We Thank you
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Moon Walk ✗☽彡☾✗☰ Trigram Heaven , may we all have equal chance to prove we can harm no one and create true and in love and growth of the Tree of life of Gods loving heart song of us all.

couldn't help it, lol
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And yes, I see the love, and please know , if i miss something, it is not for lack of truly wanting to enjoy, no, we find a rescue in them in fact, nor is it out of not finding tears in the joy of allowing the understanding that I too can be loved for simply being  what is simply foolish and silly  me, and that your thoughts and prayers, are a Miracle and a God Send through ways and means that cause my heart to ache in love, ache in true missing of you, thank you all.
Dreams of Sepia Oct 2015
Are you a Rainbow Child?
Bright colors imprinted
from birth upon your eyelids?
Believing we are not to be judged
nor chained by the accident
of where we came out
of our mothers' wombs,
what language our parents spoke
but by the rail tracks
that took us to new worlds
the languages our hearts learnt
believing that the journey, not the origin
nor even the destination
is what matters
do you believe
in the Glory found in
watching the starlight
of some foreign sky
& to proclaim this sky
& starlight as your own
believing in the music
of your Soul
are you a Rainbow Child
or are you a grey day
a turtle
in a shell
clinging to one people
& one place
able only to crawl
& hide inside it
upon contact
with the world
tell me,
I really want to know
I am a self confessed rainbow child, ha ha.
I had an international/multicultural upbringing & am tired of people from monocultural backgrounds/upbringing (including, sadly, my mother & my some of my friends) referring to/judging me & my life as based upon the place I was born, my ethnic origins, my parents' culture..I am none of those things.. my life is bigger & richer than that.
Yasha Harkness Jun 2015
Her nails skittered across his violin-heart
Plucking the strings to sound a lonely melody
And when he reached out to do the same
They made a beautiful symphony.
For the music in our hearts will find its match in another.
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