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Debasmita Jun 21
Thinking of a superman.
Lots of courage and strength in the vein.

Another form of my personal wishing well.
He can't express his love,slow as snail.

He can fight and bleed for me.
But his rude voice was hell for me.

Don't think further,
He is none other than my father.
Happy Father's Day
Debasmita Jun 9
If my love will take shape someday...
It must be your shade.
Canvas is my heart and
though Indigo you are.
You will never fade.
Debasmita Jun 8
We are under the same blue.
We see the same sun.
The same moon.
The same rain wash over us.
The same winter frozen.
Then why you are not having the feeling the same as I.

— The End —