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Austin Ryskamp Sep 2019
Only when I’ve forgotten where I’ve gone I know how to get to where I’m going
The past lit by mistakes and sorrows
But the morning speaks of new tomorrows
Coated In a dew of a new beginning
Clean cold wind, filling my every waking breath
While walking in the clear sky’s morning
No warning or alert toward harm or death
Or threat of loosing it all again
A single kiss on my smiling cheek is the only thing of worth
In this rebirth of the happy mans story
This is the beauty of the other side of pain!
Austin Ryskamp Apr 2019
Take in the moments that make you smile remember them for awhile,
because the moments that make you cry are right around the bend,
they’re enevitable in the end
I pray Easter is memorable and can be a mark of happiness for months to come.
Austin Ryskamp Feb 2019
Is there a reason
for this season
Lord give me a sign
I need your voice
While I’m feeling
Hopeless to survive

You who always saves
The one who almost got away
Made a way for me to start over again

What looks like stealing is you giving
What looks like breaking is you healing
What hurts your heart teach it to mine
I’ll find my shelter in you this time

Your the author of it all
when nothing makes sense
Prince of peace to hopeless
Running to my defense
Song lyrics written for a new angel.
Austin Ryskamp Feb 2019
I’m so jealous of your ring
Everytime the crowds arms go up as I sing
I see those diamonds glisten in the stage lights
I had one to show off too
Still I rub the tan less spot with my thumb
As I’m trying to entertain you all I’m just falling
Calling out for help, for somebody to love again
Elated faces glowing through the smoke
The couples arms in praise together
For what will hopefully be forever
These are some of my thoughts as I sing
While looking at another Queen and her King
Austin Ryskamp Jan 2019
Sleep why arnt you my friend?
Why can’t we get along?
Nights without you make my days so long.
I’ve been seeing you less and less
When I should be seeing you more
Three hours a day is not enough
Give me at least four
I’m just so tired of not being tired anymore
I can’t sleep anymore....... PTSD? Starving soul? Idk I just want to sleep again.
Austin Ryskamp Dec 2018
To explain art I have to start somewhere
A space to right what I was wrong about
A place to think the answers I want to know
To search out and find where my heart hides
Where my song resides
A hole existence
With a void
Or a whole life full of joy
I write to hear my pains, and see your smiles
to explain what I can't speak aloud during the miles
Traveled in this life
Boots worn down to broken souls
Souls worked into accomplished life goals
The tolls that made this face happy
Were paid in blood sweat and tears
A poem for artists.
Austin Ryskamp Dec 2018
To wrap up my year with Christmas cheer sounds like Hell.
And you can take my word for it too
I know what Hell is like now
I’m no grinch, I mean carols starting after thanksgiving is interesting but I’ve always felt that way.
This year the holiday is bleak, and grey
The spark that was there is gone
Tainted traditions, filled with great memories
There just memories that arnt coming back
Our bed beside the ping pong table in the basement that grandpa fashioned from random wood to make a frame.
Finally made into a bed....... but no way will I rest my head there anymore.
I’ll stay away instead
I want my peace back
I want my heart back
Dreading Christmas, and broken traditions.....
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