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forestfaith Jun 2018
A heart shaped harp.
Sits in the room.
Mirrors displaying each side of the harp, on each side of the heart.
The darkness fell on one side.
The light on the other.
As my heartstrings sowed hands of silk and thorns.
As I play the harp in the quiet room,
The light formed flowers,
The darkness formed thorns.
But all in all.
It made me.
It all adds up to a perfect plan.
To a beautiful flower it blooms.
So the darkness and pain played a part and so did the gloom.
All happens for a reason! All played a part and it's okay if you are messed up! God still loves you! And he is here to help!
Alegria Mir May 2018
h a r p

A lady that grew into a devil
With strong features and strong hands
Expected to be playing around with keys
Taunting all the life out

Sat still, dressed in white
Looking like an goddess against the flames
Plucking the strings of an angel's harp
And the strings of a hopeless heart
The Alphabet of You
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
A concrete angel
runs her fingers through
silver strings.

Lose yourself
in the depth of her
sad blue eyes.

She glides over
streams of restless arms,
an empyrean light
flying through umbran

She is neither
deaf nor numb to
their pain as her harp
sings with sweet sadness.
As she wonders...

How strange and sad it is
that death gives peace
more than life ever did.
Things have been so hectic I haven't had time to post on here as much as I want to. Today is a grey day for me, literally and emotionally. Its raining and I passed a hospital and a graveyard on my walk around my local area
Star BG Jan 2018
All those who die move in grace.
They move strumming a harp,
in divine orchestration.

All those who die move elegantly.
They resonate with angels,
in grand celebration.

All those who die move reborn
proclaiming  greatness with song
as they fly in peace....

playing harp of light for God and Soul.
Inspired by chat with Joseph JR Kelly  Thank you
Six Flowers Oct 2017
Capture my love with a harp and a bow
Sing high for my heart
but to shoot me, aim low.
Muhammad Usama May 2017
I can't hold a harp
And mourn;
For the strings are too weak to bear,
The strain.
On the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi.
Lady Bird Mar 2016
he is so cold hearted
stealing her sweetness
making her tears fall hard
like hail in an ice storm
Iike cigar smoke he envelopes
her air stealing her breath  
a bad habit she can't break
she curve around him  
like a beautiful harp
while he plays that song  
that breaks her heart
Colten White Apr 2015
Love is the way the sun
plays the golden harp of
the Earth,
one million strings at once,
as it sets and lights the horizon's-
hills ablaze.
January 25, 2015
Mel Mar 2015
The way you play your harp,
effortlessly weaving your fingers
through those nylon strings
is oh so captivating.

The firm hold you have on your instrument,
secure, yet light enough,
being careful not to break
the mahogany frames.

The heedful ears you have,
used to listen to the echoing sounds,
your harp makes in response to
even the slightest flick of your finger.

The beautifully composed melody,
brought forth by the
dissonance and resolution
of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever known.

Wherever did you get the practice?
*Perhaps it was from toying with my heart.
Ham Aloufi Dec 2014
Chained in the dark ocean
No life no sun no clouds no moon
Nothing there but darkness and gloom
Sinking into maddens I claw myself
If pain is what keeping me sane
What else is there for me to gain?
I want to break free
I want to be carefree
I’m I shouting, or I am I weeping?
As my head starts to kneel
Accepting fate for what it wants to be?
I hear a song, and sound that slowly appears
I squinting my eyes and look as far as I can see
Suddenly this angel appears magically in front of me
Her enchanting smile caught me by surprise
Who ever thought this heart could beat again?
White warmness all around her
Bring life into this fragile body of mine
She had Aquarius gems that were her eyes
Drowning in them
Her voice was singing
Her harp reached out
Her songs and arms warp around me
She broke me out, she made me shout
She was my angel that illuminated my world for me
Her genuine honest and good heart
Kissed me back to life
She is an angel, drowned in the bottom of the pool
She is that chick that is just too cool
People mistaken her for a fool
But if you close enough you’ll notice
That she is a jewel
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