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Kirah Apr 2021
While you're young and getting stuff done, just hope you find that one genuine and informed person to guide you from your stupidity.
There are mistakes everywhere, if you did them, we live and we learn.

While you're young, have an investment culture, not just savings; it pinches hard to be a helpless provider.

While you're young, communicate and keep doing it, it keeps getting better.

While you're young and knowing where you belong, stay where you're visible and you will value every piece of fun you have.

While you're young, learn to forgive, you haven't met the real sins yet.
Kirah Mar 2021
You've been working all your life and nothing to show for it,
You've been struggling to get it on track,
And it's just how a superhero learns to fly.
Kirah Mar 2021
I found a place,
One to call home for my homelessness,
One with loud rhythms of Bad liar,
One too big to escape from,
So look me in the eye,
Tell me what you see,
Perfect Paradise,
Guess I wished my heart reflected it.
Kirah Mar 2021
Time is a thief,
A thief of plans in our task notes,
A thief of dreams from our bucket list,
But time steals people too.
How is it we pass strangers through the streets each day,
Strangers who make it to the end of the day,
And those we were the last to see with hands in their pockets,
Strangers we don't get to see in their tinted cars,
And all those friends who turn into strangers,
Maybe we just should not take a thing for granted,
Guess of all we knew, one, if we'd be seeing them for their last,
We'd be a little kinder and sweeter than the freeloaders we've become.
Kirah Feb 2021
In your house, there is wind flowing gently over the seats, down the floor and into the chambers of your heart just to remind you to look up and take a deep breath, just like a free man.
Kirah Sep 2020
Time and again,
Twice, thrice once before,
I lost my heart
Am lifeless.
So, when you come knocking,
Do it so gently, creatively,
With poise and dignity,
If I don't peep through the knobs,
Search by the windows,
Stride by the willows,
I might be hiding from my liberation.
Kirah Sep 2020
Young or old, male or female,
Dear, make yourself easy but tough,
Be a bridge to people's destinations but only if it doesn't cut out a part of you, it's called helping. Helping doesn't care whether your 'walk on' is to stay or pay. Doesn't cut out opportunists from real. Easy, if you can hold. Better if you can sustain in it, but help out regardless.
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