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Hailey Oct 2015
I hold on tight
but you push me away.
     You want me to leave
but I choose to stay.
     I want to fight through this
but you think we should quit.
     You want to give up
for a wall we have hit.
     You're no longer the one
that makes me smile.
     You'll forget who I am
in just a short while
Gemineyed Gypsy Aug 2015
So much time is wasted.
How often are you lost in thought?
Trapped within a whirlwind of emotions, You can't stay grounded.
You're lost inside yourself.
Numb to the world around you, to what's standing right before your own eyes.
A blank slate.
In a vegetative state.
A water balloon about to pop.
So much pressure building up from the inside out, these words won't stop.
Soon you will burst.
Stop your mind before your heart stops beating.


Thump thump. Thump thump.
It starts off slow, so slow you begin to wonder if you still have a heart at all.
Perhaps your mind has just taken over and soon your lungs will give out.
Perhaps this is the end after all.
Is this how I go?
In a motionless state, just waiting for the next ***** to shut down...
You try to breathe.
It only hurts.
THUMP thump thump THUMP thump thump.
Now it won't stop.
THUMP thump thump THUMP thump thump.
The beat gets faster, the breathing harder. Tears begin to stream down from the eyes.
You feel as though your body is going to let go.
Fear is taking over.
You're giving up, ready to jump, just throw it all away...
You can't do this alone anymore. You have no desire to try.
You believe this is the only way out.
This tsunami, this hurricane, this eruption of emotions are consuming you.
Eating you alive.
Before you go, remember one thing. The most important words you will ever know...
You are loved, and
Love conquers all.
Writings through a battle with anxiety.

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
kenny Diamond Jul 2015
The night pass by
The darkness fills the day
This idea of hope is cut that won't  go away
I wish you took the time see me
I am more then you think
A blink of eye my heart is torn
I walk alone in the world
My heart keeps breaking with this feeling of change
I want walk away close the door
I feel like pain is too much
Are  the words so blinded and broken
The mask is  part of you
You keep sweeping the bed will get full
I have break threw this to see the sun on this dark day.
nichole r Jun 2014
Dried tears
stick permanently to pale faces
too old for her years
her eyes stay wide so she notices

But she's sleepy
she wants to slither underneath
away from all this weeping
her arms ache from holding up

She begs for release
jams words in to her ears
but the poisoned snaps don't cease
she is tired of dealing with
Danielle L Cook Apr 2014
This isn't going
Time to give it up?

— The End —