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If I could speak to you
without trembling
I would surely ask your name

Your beauty captures my soul
and your voice is liquid honey

If you were mine
I would rip the moon
right out of the sky
if only to see the reflection
in your eyes
I shall search for a lifetime
if I must
for that perfect girl

the one who will love me
in good times and bad
when I'm up or down

a girl that will love me
when I have money
or am the poorest sod around

a girl that will be there after fifty years
still loving me like she did
the day she said "I do"

I know she's out there
it is my hope that she finds me soon
The moon strokes her lovely hair
like a mother would her child
her porcelain face upturned
her pink lips slightly parted
maybe awaiting a kiss
from a prince

not a frog like me
beauty is in your eyes
and love spills
from your touch
your gentle smile
invites me
to secret places
the scent of your skin
invigorates my soul
silky thighs call to me
as I rest my head
upon your belly
I breathe slowly
upon your throat
and everything changes
the night awaits
Your delicate face
has taken residence
in my deepest dreams
eyes the color of cappuccino
with lengthy raven curls
upon your bronzed skin
and your smile
as beautiful
as the morning sun
may I never wake again
Her eyes fascinate me
like two beautiful deep pools
of sapphire blue
calling me
inviting me
to swim in her waters
even if I couldn't swim
I would drown for her
My love for you is endless
I would chew glass
just to hear you say
I love you

just once...
Sweet girl
I implore you
fill me with your love
kiss my sorrows away
expose me to your innocence
and I shall **** a thousand men
so none will taint your path
Your beauty astounds me
and keeps me up at night
walking the halls of the castle
as I whisper your name to myself

I long to hold your tender heart
within my skillful hand
to kiss you youthful lips
and surrender to your touch

I, a man of little needs
find myself lost to you
and desperate to call you mine
these nights are torture my lady
I would love to be
your mirror for a day
to watch your lovely face
wake up to the morning sun

To watch you smile
and you greet the bluebirds
that come to your window
to sing a sweet tune

To watch you laugh
as the children run freely
through the meadows
chasing the darting butterflies

To see you cry
in the pouring rain
when the clouds are gray
and your heart needs tending

To see you fall in love
with a handsome knight
that will treasure you always
until the end of time
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