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I bought a book of Escher prints
So I could study infinites
and reflect subtle sentiments
Against these paper dolls.

To find the rhyme where reason ends.
To see where disbelief suspends.
Connect the dots and spot the trends.
The lines define us all.

Now here we are outside of space.
Where thoughts create our sense of place.
Realities we’d often chase
Are drifting out of view.

We’ll make each piece a perfect fit.
A world we’ll  build inside of it.
Filled with oceans, platforms, pits.
Existing somewhere new.

Memories, dreams, and starry nights.
Jarring spectacles of light.
Sirens donning masks of white.
In hopes you’ll do the same.

The journey we will start tomorrow.
Hope that there’s some paths to borrow.
Dance the laughter sing the sorrow.
Start another game.
There's a roaring applause from the porcelain dolls
The performance was flawless they say
Just a single retort, from an old rocking horse who said
"too back and forth for my taste"

But the tragedy stands that the raggedy Ann
it was written for didn't attend
Did this marionette fall to pieces? You bet.
But in ways that scotch tape cannot mend.

Now I'll start a new score marbles strewn on the floor
at my core a toy soldier I'd be
With an etch a sketch shake I'd create a blank slate
Make a solo that's soley for me.

Even toys know that life is no story book
and that some Lego bricks just won't latch
Now this puppet will only write choir songs
he promised her "no strings attached"
OJ Apr 21
Last year I discovered this beautiful game that calms my anxiety
It's called Stardew valley
Fighting that doesn't make me anxious
Talking to NPC's
Finding love
Making in game money

It's great
To ANYONE I've ever loved:
My heart is not a board game.
It is NOT OK to play with it.
The results may be temporary fun for you,
but it has a lasting effect on me.
So if I offer my heart to you,
on a silver platter,
adorned with jewels
and fragrant with love.
Please do not taste its honey
and indulge in its goodness
if you do not plan on letting me love you
for the rest of my life.
I'd rather watch you from a distance,
admiring your beauty
silently wondering
what it like to be loved by you.
Than to pry my fragmented heart
from your beautiful hands.
David Bojay Apr 19
Skewed vision when I followed the cynosure//
Beam balancing
Can’t hold my own sometimes//
Made up characters to separate my thoughts from “myself”//
Split my cares in eights//
Off with the indecision//
Fall asleep as soon as the tears hit the pillow//
Head up, delusional//
So I think
Perception shields the egomaniac residing in me//
I make it seem as if so, but really with my intentions, I’ll never know how things will play out//
Misterpretating will be my end//
With no one to truly seek, I play with the inconsistencies.... so what about guilt?//
My character doesn’t mind the idiosyncrasies I portray... I do it for the show
Merging with the relentless and the glorious
It ***** to be Sweet, bittersweet//
LightToBurn Apr 15
My heart is weak
Tear it down peacefully
Joker’s card, replay
Pulled my breath
outta me
Now it’s dealer game
A good night’s sleep
Or pacing windows
in the morning at three
Jade Apr 2
The other day,
I unblocked you from

Not because I miss you.

Not because I am inviting you
back into my life
after a year and a half--

Because I refuse
to remain in hiding.

Olly Olly Oxen Free,

You're playing my game now.
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