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Jana Pelzom Dec 2020
Gently they swing
These golden threads
As they sing
Gentle hymns and veil me
From the worlds cold scrutiny
Willows ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
Willow trees are calming in autumn
Jana Pelzom Sep 2020
Even a deviant
Can be
Conjuring up
Words to get
Some love and relevance
Irrelevant ©️ 2020 Jana Pelzom
Robin Carretti May 2018
The games
The small-fry
Ketchup she squirt's

Talking heads
sugar on my
miniature flirt

Burger bands

Gimme_ Gimme
((Mini Macaroons))
Don't big change me
My eyes like
((Rocky Racoons))

Movie Mania
Beatles miniature
I want to hold
your hand
Lucy in the sky
No chip diamonds
Cool Hand Luke

American girl doll
Exchange for
my red bike
Twilight zone
dimension I_

Cannot read
the numbers!!!

I-phone oranges
compared to
small apples
That's me
Mini Cooper
Car drinking Snapple

The shooting

Just gas up
mini car

(Mini Bow)
kissed her
Coffee mug
The red and
black dots
treat her
like a lady
Small bits of aroma

The smaller sticky
notes what votes
Mini-me camera
Mini hot_  Hollywood
dog dachshund
*    *    *    
It's mini

The Dollhouse
lodge Mini
No copying to

Mini Fruit
salad merger
Red Robin's Burger
were overly generous
Mr. Big
so small
flight of rage
and long_
turned him if I only
had a brain
((The Tinman))
mentally touched him
Sprayed his oil can
in mini heart size

Hello Dollie
magnifying glass
Pleasurable kind
and small

Miniature leader
Knock on
heavens door

The Doorman
The Penthouse
Mini Bavarian
Me doughnut

The cool breeze
off her fan
Big thumb
The mini frog
Hit too many
London fogs

Mini White castle
burger  chips off the
miniature block party
Meat tenderizer like trolls

Las Vegas
money slot machines
Those miniature dolls

((Minerals Top Ranks))

more blues
Adolf ******
Cereal boxes
Sly Foxes Attention
How her
features met
his smaller

Royal hot blues singer
Mini He pops dishes
All Banana nut's
When it
comes to

miniature swingers
Miniature things come in small packages I heard that before this goes smaller and we will never be fooled by someone larger take a miniature seat this is some poem ride
taia Jun 2016
miniature casket, hearts full of regret
there was a contest similar to this going on at school and i thought i'd try it out. i know it *****, but i felt like publishing something. sorry.
Cate Jun 2015
"The fireflies are out tonight" he remarked, plodding barefoot behind her. Dusk fell over the stoic faces of skyscrapers that lined the three blocks ahead of them. "First I've seen this season", she replied in a near whisper, moon-eyed and gazing at something over the space where the park was.


Her ears emerged from beneath the water she'd grown accustomed to the temperature with her laps up and down, trying to wash away the earlier happenstances of the day. It was warm beneath the surface, but the breeze made her feel brittle.


"...or was it more of a situation entirely different?" the boy questioned. She stared blankly at his awaiting gaze. How long had she been under? she had no idea. She'd gotten lost in thought and, as usual forgotten to count her laps. It just figured. It was like her to drift off like that. She shrugged to herself and closed her eyes as she leaned back into the water, once again drowning out the dull sounds of obscure questions that dripped out of his mouth. She closed her eyes as she swung her legs up to the wall and exhaled as she pushed back and drifted once again to the other side of the pool.


She was dripping wet and a man was escorting her to a new room. It smelled of grease and cigarettes. The lighting was bad.


All dry now, except her hair. She was warmer though. She exited her current surroundings through the only door. There, to the left of the desk on the floor. She quickly skipped over and slipped them on.


Her hair was almost completely dry and she couldn't stand still. He was cleaning in his boxers by the kitchen sink. She'd pulled up the rug in front of the makeshift TV computer screen and she danced in front of the window, happy he couldn't see.


it's late. much later. she wanted to go upstairs but she was having a hard time trying to care. Maybe the girl she used to know would help her out with a little artificial sweetener to fight off the sleep. She could at least see.


C.e.m. 6.11.15

— The End —