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Orchid Jul 27

She left all the rocks,
Embraced with the skies,
But landed in a net of deceit and lies
And cried to the sound of a sunset demise
With her heart in the gutter
Nothing was to rise
But the horns on his head
And crimson in his eyes.
Orchid Jul 13
As two hearts would embrace
Two worlds would collide
"My darling I am yours,
And you are simply,
Orchid Jun 30
"Come with me, far away." I told you
Eager your bones had clattered
And joined me in that cloudless cave
Where no one and nothing mattered.
Orchid Jun 6
"A jar of honey has never hurt anyone"


                                                                          Tell that to the guy who's
                                                                      manhood got stuck in one.
Orchid May 25
I'd count the number of daises,
Dressed with the honey bee buzz,
That played with the wind, a symphony,
Harmonic to the sight of our love.
Orchid May 20
"A life once lived is a life to be known
Whether a bottomless pit
Or a crystal adorned throne

The equality in savages is the one and only balance
For the severity held in man
Has only one single talent..."
Orchid May 6

Impossible, fantastical
It cannot make sense at all
I used to pride myself in my posture
But somehow you've made me fall.
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