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Orchid May 5
Ride the melody
With an oak wood lip
I just long for a taste
Of your marinated kiss

A lick of the earth
Can't satisfy my needs
But a touch of the ether
the beyond, the unreached.
Orchid May 5
Pardon my haste,
May I once again lie?
Joke, as your tongue envelops in mine?
We dine in silence
Unbroken with time
I'll love you in full
Until half past nine
Orchid Feb 21
Love unknown
To the strongest of hearts
He told me “ I love you”
Then death did us part

No longer in body
But mind inspirited
I’ve lived long enough
To dine with the privileged
Orchid Feb 21
If I was to know
What would become of me now
I would leave no trace,
No utter of a vow
No sight of these eyes
Would be left in the world
But return untouched,
Pure, like a pearl
Orchid May 2022
With a villainous gasp I heave
Move to the sun as I bleed
Dance as time seeps through cracks
And onto this rhyme I seethe
And onto this page I grieve
Words decease as soon as they’re written
So everything here, I leave.
Orchid Apr 2022
Is she a fool?
To leave it all behind and be at peace on her own?
But will it be tranquil or will it be hell?
Tell me what to do I'm confused,
But am I sick because of love?
Or the thought of it's smell
Orchid Mar 2022
Drained but replaced, with pity and Lore
Red eyes roll back
Cerise to the core,
Cherry Lips tickled,
A flavorsome bunch
Lost to the man in the tomb with a hunch
The eyes of a fox and tail in a bunch
And the anaemic souls he'd stole
for his lunch
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