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Acina Joy Dec 2019
After you, I've had the urge
to finally cut my hair
that ended beneath my waist
and looked good with
shoulders bare.

The length of it stretched on
and it reminded me of you.
The same endless cycle,
you'd always split off
into two.

Colours have faded now,
leaving the carcass of a strand.
A fraud of what it truly was,
growing under your demands.

But I face the mirror now,
as scissors went where you've dwelt.
My mother hacked away my hair
until I looked more like myself.
I got a hair cu t XD
Van Xuan Sep 2019
The only word I hate
Because it is always said
When a person leaves me behind
And never return.
Glenn Currier Sep 2019
Here I am in the middle of your days
before the summer has said goodbye
and the brown beauty of fall has arrived.
It is easy to forget to notice your
persistent pink exuberance of crepe myrtle
to escape the warmth of your winds
for the coolness of the den.

There is still time to grow
before autumn ushers in the first snow.
Being in your midst makes me mellow
slows me and gives me time to re-member
those I’ve loved in the midst of you, September,
time to listen to you in the songs of birds
hear the wisdom of your words
on the peaceful cusp of Libra and Virgo.

Speak to me September
blow your breath upon the ember
of this era in my journey
let not the sparks still remaining
be lost in the cross fires
and anxiety of these days.
In your haste to bid farewell to summer
forget not my moments of wonder
let me hear your thunder
and please before you leave me
speak to me in your deep warm voice
and resurrect me from the wasteland
of this languorous slumber.
Kyra Embers Jun 2019
You fare thee well only to those you wanna see again.
I hope to come back soon enough.
This is, good bye.
Desire Dec 2018
I didn't
get to say
goodbye :(
Paul Aurelius Feb 2018
Exiled in the darkest of nights
a traversing light I suddenly see
I hastily hid in fear
yet staring in awe, in wonder I gazed

I tried to tame the light
it tamed me instead
giving me tears
as it continued its way
Chloe Feb 2018
The bustle of wheels and shoes across marble
are muted by the high ceilings
of the great Arrival Hall.

Underneath its fluorescent skies
a long back river flows
winding around the headlands
of counters and
disappearing into x-ray caverns.

The smell of suitcases hangs in the air like
morning mist pooling around ankles.
Not quite fading with the passing of day,
but mingling with wafts of fresh coffee
-and jet fuel.

From somewhere in the distance a chapel bell chimes,
announcing that Passengers of Flight AQ284 can
board the plane in ten minutes time.

the Passengers flock to their gate with
the dependency of cattle to the bell
and trickle, single file
through a metal esophagus and into

a Silver Dragon that flies at midnight
taking off from a starlit path
and into the cold dark night
its echoing, parting roar
speaks of farewells and
bright futures
distant lands

so very


Khadro Jama Jan 2018
Since the first day the world heard your music the world fell in love
So did i
Like any another fan
Your music completed my world
I'm sorry I didn't notice that you where dying inside since the beginning
I'm sorry
We didn't read in between the lines.
Your beautiful voice will be missed
Your knowledge along with everything that made you "you" as well
I'm sorry
That even though your stars were already dim before your path was very bright
Even that wasn't enough
Loved by all will be missed by all
I'm sorry
you left us so soon
I'm still processing that your really gone..
You worked very hard
May your soul rest in piece
Paraphrase Aug 2017
It's another Tuesday afternoon,
The stench of gloom in the air overpowered,
By the smell of sugarless, herbal tea.

I should be on my way soon,
I look down, the eyes of a coward,
Surrendering to words that escape me.

"I’m leaving, on a hot air balloon,"
"I won't be back till the hills are snow cowered,"
"Lifelines of white, against a flat lining sea."

"But I'll be back soon,"
I say, but she's gazing skyward,
"So this is the night, He promised it to be."

"Too many months of June",
"Has my poor heart encountered,"
"It is time for her to be free."

"And if this shiny moon,"
"Were to be crimson and flowered"
"Wouldn't make a better goodbye, than this is to be."

So the birds sang a tune,
We looked back, staring forward,
One final time, we took our first sip of tea.

"If this is to be,"
"Our last cup of tea,"
"May it be with sugar, grandma,"
"Two spoons for you,
Two spoons for me."
K Eaglechild Aug 2017
Inside of her eyes she begs that you see the love she has for you.
In her forced smile, she begs that you can see her soul desiring to touch yours again.
And within her voice she begs to say "I love you" instead of "goodbye."
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