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Sacha Mar 3
He heared our song
Please forgive me
I couldn't stop it in time

He didnt even know
You were on my mind
But i could feel it

He even said that it was good
My heart broke into pieces

I didnt mean to share with him
A moment that was just ours
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2019
Our love is best played loud.
Loud in love.
The louder the better.
The rest of the world turned down low.
So in love with the sound we make.
Our love blurted out loud.
The speakers amplify our love
A language spoke in tongues.
Both of us undressed in the sound.
Loud in love.
Don't turn us down
Let's turn our love up loud.
Let's let the neighbors call the police
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
***** Slipknot, let’s just chill

High there.  Remember Me?
I think I crept into your heart…I think.
I thought my bad memory was telling me the truth,
When I said I should have been with you.

I didn’t think to feel,
About what you thought.
I just showed you my ugly side;
My right side, no love.
I ran away before you caught me;
I’m sorry I turned into a scared little kid.

I’m scared of girls because you have so much power.
The power to deny my love,
If I forget to bring you flowers.
But still, thinking of you again…
Stuff that Slipknot song!
I love it.  I don’t love her.  I love my pain.

I can trust myself to mess things up;
But still, I hear that song; her song.
The love song ‘*****’.
For dead became my love, in a nervous dash.
Now all this time later, I hear one verse…
And the old familiar feelings are back…

***** Slipknot!
It’s just a reminder of what I have lost…
She could have been everything to me…
If I could have just spoken the words to that song.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
B Chapman Sep 2017
An empty bottle of *****
A six shooter revolver
Don't fill all the chambers
Darling, we only need two
mokitovice Aug 2015
See, that could have been our song,
For a while it was..
A magical while
Our song came on the radio today
It made me sad at first
Then I realized
I wasn't in love with you
I was in love with the music
So I sang it loud
For me

— The End —