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As we are
Famed for hypocrisy
Do allow us to
Lecture you
About democracy
Though we know
Prior to us
You have the practice
In the timeline, upstarts
Usurping the know-all
Permit us
About democracy  to
Goad you please!

The divide-and-rule
Machiavellian gesture
As an adventure
We admit
And still exercise it
Ethnic-based conflict.

We adore to fish
In troubled water
To sure meet
Own objective faster.
Just like a canopy feeder
With our wings
Eclipsing the water
Striking out light helps us
Unsuspecting fishes  
To pick better.

In a
System of governance
And religiosity
You took the lead
But our piece of advice
How to dine, how
To put on attires
You have to heed,
Forget not
Boiled-wheat aid
You may need.
Disgraced, it is better
For food your pride
You barter.

Don’t think
Humanitarian issues
Or aid
Is what  first comes
To our head.
The economically weak
Their mind we—
Hooligan hypocrites—
Allow them to speak
Leave alone
Their own roadmap
To design and
Wealth to tap.
Worshippers of devil
Head- to -toe
We are evil.

It is our duty
To exhume a
Terrorist party
That shows alacrity
To execute assigned task
The reason behind its back
Remiss to ask.
TPLF is our right arm
We don’t want
On it to happen
Any harm.

We don’t mind
For genocide
A hotbed TPLF members
Or dissenters may find.
Modern colonization
Is our covert intention. ///
For those who poke their nose in the affair of a sovereign country
she was an Australian beauty
with a European name
her accent was her birth right
but her olive complexion gave her away

he was her Australian saviour
he gave her a brand new name
her accent pronounces it clearly
but her complexion still gives her away

European blood
surges through her Australian veins
her accent was her birth right
her olive complexion gave her away
European blood surges through these Australian veins
Sara Kellie May 2018
Leave my Nan out in the rain, it'll be right.
She's having veg later with some meat, on a bone but meat.
No gravy, she's too lazy. She will not thread it.

So what do you think? Shall we fold it the other way?
Do it tonight, it won't be today and not quite black but definitely not grey.

If it smells like cheese, just wear one and keep one eye open!
Then, we may even finish third.
Remember, listen for the sound.
It's crucial, like a twenty pence piece.

Dust! Always dust. Grams and ounces of the dustiest dust.
Never before six and never after six.
Just continuous with no bends, bubbles or any of that material you really like.

Because when he'd finished speaking (The Italian) I didn't understand a ******* word of it!

"Sorry, I don't speak Italian", shrugged my shoulders, did that thing you do with your bottom lip and ****** off.

A poem describing the problems we encounter through language barriers.
The solutions we create to overcome them!
Especially the English
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
Nico Reznick Jun 2017
Whenever I
find myself
back on the Mainland,
there'll be at least
three, four,
half a dozen
silently heart-stopping
little moments
when I
see someone who
might just
be who you
are now.
Jamie Adams Aug 2016
There was once a place called the UK
That voted to leave and not stay
The government lied
One great nation died
They'd thrown their whole future away

First we look at the campaign
Terrible both leave and remain
Great lies on both sides
The country divides
My goodness are we going insane?

So let us ask the population
Oh we all hate immigration
The economy's bad
We're feeling quite sad
So we'll rip a great whole in this nation

How can we make a decision
When there's clearly a deep incision
Why change all our ways
When after a couple of days
There's such a great whopping division?

We can all vote, young and old
A value we should all uphold
But it's not democratic
When the campaign's erratic
And lies are all that we're told

One thing that I find quite sinister
This new unelected Prime Minister
Equality's great
And I don't want to hate
But why is she the one to administer?

I must make it clear what I mean
Don't think what I'm saying's obscene
But you cry for democracy
Oh the hypocrisy!
Clearly you're not all that keen

And maybe we'll all be alright
It won't all change overnight
But I'm European
And if you're disagreein'
Then I swear I won't give up the fight
Limericks are almost inherently funny. There's something about the rhythm that makes them feel jolly. With that in mind, I decided to write an extended limerick about a topic which, for me, is not funny.
Poetic Artiste Oct 2015
The taste of your sweetness,
Still lingers on my tongue,
I am an addict for your dew,
Remember the first time I pleased you,
The time my lips pursed between your folds,
That purr that escaped,
You knew I loved to hear you moan...
Then there was the silence,
You sensed what was in store,
As my mouth fluttered across your wetness,
and my lips engulfed your other lips,
You spoke and told me I'm nasty
But your taste I can't resist,
or how your diamond peaks at me,
Awaiting a tantalizing encase,
To be wrapped within my tongue,
Light strokes upon the center,
Twirling around the cape that no longer keeps it sheltered,
You hated when I teased you,
I could not resist when you said,
Please. Don't. Stop...
As if you knew being craved was my weakness,
I told you what you wanted to hear,
I'm not here to play games,
Firmly wrap your legs around my head,
Bring your garden to my face,
Every drop of dew is a present to my sheets,
Will you be my submissive?
I will handcuff you to the bedposts,
Before I let you run away,
I missed the way your body would spasm for me,
I promise to take my time if you honor me another night,
I only wish to say this blessing between heaven and your thighs.
I always wanted to attempt s ****** but not too ****** ****** poem.
Lucca Roberto Oct 2014
The end has paddled
It's way through waves
Crashed upon the shores
Of Roman soil.
They wait for the
Rain from winter's plague.
Riding the desert highway
Across the northern lands.
Spreading on the cold face
Of a european escape.
Joe Wilson May 2014
I’m minded today we have a choice
to make our mark and raise our voice
but there are those, it’s very funny
who’d tell you how they’d spend your money.

All over Europe pundits gather
getting themselves in quite a lather
giving opinions on issues political
trying to make them sound so critical.

Skeletons found in many a cupboard
the found out grimace, some have blubbered
and later when all votes are counted
disappointment follows campaigns mounted.

In Germany too they’ll do their thing
as seats stay put or make a swing
France and Italy, Ireland too
votes for Europe are quite a to-do.

Votes are counted on Sunday of course
and Dimbleby brothers roll out in force
the great Swingometer comes into play
as seats are won across the UK.

After all the dust has settled
new MEPs all keen and mettled
all take their seats with po-faced pride
personal pleasure they try to hide.

And so to business for some it’s new
there are many and various things to do
like getting claims in for their expenses
the sitting places – the search for fences.

Alliances to make are the next big thing
who’ll vote with you on anything
but represent those who for you voted
or you’ll be out next time, I hope that’s noted.

©Joe Wilson – The European Elections 2014

— The End —