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I should be like an Owl

Using nightfall appropriately

Should be scribbling

Painting my words

My fingers should be in a hustle to finish a page

And page after page

The walls if it runs out

Further the air around, as a medium to write and to share

Discovering myself

Finding myself amidst words

Taming myself the way I want

Grammars are paid less heed

Expressing myself  in a free verse

Leaving my traces

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a part of me

Through what I scribble
Lucca Roberto Oct 2014
The end has paddled
It's way through waves
Crashed upon the shores
Of Roman soil.
They wait for the
Rain from winter's plague.
Riding the desert highway
Across the northern lands.
Spreading on the cold face
Of a european escape.

— The End —