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you or you
dear or beloved
do you know?
the moon rustled softly
sneaking into the black mist.
its thick night
I am not alone, there is lonely accompanying
I told...
Regarding pain but no pain.
hope that never disappears.
it's about endless encounters.
I want to tell him.
I'm happy if he listens to my stories.
I tried to wait
let the time take you, baby
here i hug you
with the magic spell that I have
Andres Martinez Nov 2018
I'm not one to dwell and I'm not one to build while I'm still trying to repair
I'm not here to try anything funny
Just simple
If that's hard to understand well sorry
Small talks are no longer an interest
I rather get to know you then weasel my way around
have an actual conversation an exchange of noise isn't much to go off of
tell me something
let me see the real you
because I'd like more than just a lovely view.
Call me odd if you will
one thing is for certain
My words can paint a lovely picture
a self portrait
one which people might say my looks could
Andres Martinez Oct 2018
Feeling foolish if you ask me
didn't take a chance instead listened to my heart beat...... skip
because I rather not take a chance
Call me a mute when it comes to speaking romance
Across the room let me take a step and ask for your number
better yet a date
time, set, and a place?
Not much to offer but kind words and a heart to grow
If it's riches that you seek it's a good thing I hold my tongue while the ship sinks
but if not then we are getting off to a good start
Long walks and long talksĀ 
because apparently no body wants to get to know you anymore
Rather put it all out there in 1 sentence if you ask me it's not always about patience
because life's to ******* boring somtimes not to take a chance .
nosipho khanyile Oct 2018
And after all this time,
I still have strange encounters with myself.
Chrissy Sep 2018
I guess I'm a sore winner
I lose everything but win the lessons I take with me after every sad, sad encounter
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