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Simon Soane Dec 2016
Fortunate fireworks
sing when i'm near you,
such a bang in the sky.
Sam Oct 2016
It's a new Her this week
an emma from a building up the street
met in the line of a bar
caught eyes from afar
felt my knees arms and heart go weak

the rest of the night was a haze
we left the bar in a craze
carried through the door
undergarments on the floor
before moving onto the next phase

one more drink from the bottle
and she brought out her novel
she read with such probity
I ripped up my poetry
and turned from a lover to apostle
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Here I lie, holding onto something you let go of
I can't let go, the projection of you in my mind is enough to keep us alive
I want to talk to the woman I love
We had our differences, we both shoved
By my own fault, how evil Jealousy is, the cousin of greed
The only girl who has won my heart
To find my other half requires a chart
Never been the type to talk the way we did
No one has been able to wake me up the way you did
It ***** how we've gotten to this point, lost in separate worlds
Flying over seas, following the endless roads, searching through the debris
Just to find your heart, no matter how long it takes, I will die finding it
Given the chance, I'd go back in time where we first met
Watching you bake that cake because you were rebellious that day, you wanted to make up for it
Still makes me smile, how awkward it was at first
Still makes me question, what were the odds, they weren't cursed
The faces we made were totally in sync, unrehearsed
The beauty of waking into reality knowing there is someone there for you
And falling asleep into the minds of each, dreams coming together forming us both
I'll never forget the days we spent talking without pause, I hope there is still room for growth
The dreams you had of me kills me because I wish it was reality, given the oath
I never seen someone so pretty, so beautiful, energetic, positive, and unique
Everything about you was everything I ever wanted in a woman, it made me weak
Just to rewind where you first confessed your love for I
I know you don't remember, I don't blame you that night
Just to rewind where I first confessed my love for you
The thoughts in my mind like a crazy train ready for derailment
I was ready to tell you I loved you on a few earlier occasions, I knew you could wait even though I grew impatient
It played out perfectly, because I wouldn't change it for the world
I was shaking, trying to catch my breath, trying to pour out those words
That have never been spoken before, only you deserved to see that side
It lit up your face, your smile, I've never seen someone smile like you from the words I spoke
Happiness is what you delivered, comfort is what I offered
Love is what I gained, Friendship is what we lost and maybe something more
Dreams were born previously, but I guess the thoughts were all that mattered
I want you in my arms like we both wished, sitting at heights unimaginable, gazing at the hazy skies
Hoping your dream would come true, would have been quite the surprise
I seen the fire in your eyes, the intense heat scorched
My cold world and now it's the only place I've ever felt warmth
The spiteful words came out and it turned out terrible
Some day this will all be repairable
Everything is trapped in my mind, urging to escape just to lead you back on that path
So when tomorrow comes with unexpected words, I hope there is another chance
Just remember that each day that goes by, you're on my mind, anyways
Your Initials have been engraved in my mind for that, I'll love you forever and always
Another poem I read at a poetry slam.
Jim Morris Jul 2016
Every thought of you gave me an eerie feeling, if you seen me screaming and tearing
Moonlight lit up the sky, I sat on the edge at such a height agaze from that building
Makes me wonder when we were together in that moment, how far we could have went with no sense of falling
And just to think about the diffirent worlds we came from, it's pretty deceiving

Pretty was something you did not realize, your pearls helped me see when I was buried underneath
Anger built from irrelevant matters, I couldn't tell you where my head was, I was overwhelmed
Tragedies happen in everyone's life, yours and mine no different, but we both did understand
Regrets cloud the current state of mind that I wish had never happened the way it did, why did I demand
I may be thoughtless at times, it's hard when my mind wanders for words to truly express these thoughts at hand
Cracks connect as time passes, never found a way to patch it up, one day I'll make my way through no mans land
Insomnia ***** when all you want is to escape from reality into the dreams where anything is possible to withstand
And stupid me, the downfall was right there before my eyes too blind to expand the horizon at command

Death is apart of life, but when we're both gone our memories will be drowned by the nothingness that follows
Obituary is where we will end up being seen last so send me to the gallows
Underground is where we will reside, so place our gravestones side by side so our spirits together will lurk the shadows
Grieving loved ones will never know what this means to me so in the next life, I hope we meet again tomorrow
Loneliness is what I prefer rather than misery, happiness is what we had and sadness was never involved
As for life, we live to grow into a half, searching in life for a love to be a whole
So read between the lines, and you'll understand what I'm trying to say with my heart and soul
A lost love, read this at a poetry slam
Cattlies Sep 2015
Emma talked about him like he was tattooed into her eyelids and he would not
allow her to scrub him away. I swear, he thinks everything is funny when it
makes me mad.
But she still answered his texts like it was the package
she had been waiting for months now, and she still loved him like it was an
antidote for some lovesick disease. I could see the way he ate up her affection
like it was some sort of sugar high, before he crashed into another girl's bed
that had been waiting all evening for him. Last night I watched as Emma and him
kissed for the hundredth time under a dozen stars, her hands pressed around him,
before a dozen of those stars came falling down to the ground, and he
disappeared with a different girl. Last night her tears over watered the lilies I keep
in my bedroom and leaked through the floor. Last night he called and said Baby,
I wouldn't mind choosing you
and I could hear a female voice in the background
like a bullet shot through the line. It traveled through her eardrums and followed the path down to her heart. Last night I told Emma she was worth more than this. Last night Emma stopped responding to his texts. Last night Emma and I went out and she
kissed another boy who danced with her like they were the only ones in the room,
and touched her like she was something better than his own existence. And last night,
Emma decided to not go home with anyone because she had an evening booked
with a new prince charming who knew how to wait for her.
Creep May 2015
Each and every text hit me like
Little sparks of fire,
Each of them igniting
And enveloping me
In this new feeling,
Spreading warmth across my body
Like warm butter,
Seeping in and soaking.
Popcorn popping in my stomach,
Bouncing up and down,
Warm and addicting.

I smiled.

So this is what it feels like to be loved.
Feeling loved by many ♥ I love you guys! Thanks for all your support! :3 it means a lot ^^

Honey honey
By abba
S R Mats Mar 2015
Her burial place is in the records.
We have her lovely name.
She was a benefactor of the friary,
Thus, a prominent soul.  Agreed.
Her story, lost forever.  O, what a shame.
Nothing more is known of Emma.
Here's her 5 minutes of fame!
She's perfect.
Small and comfortable,
Like a cushion
You just have to hug.

Her eyes light when she smiles,
Brown eyes that **** in my very spirit.
I promise myself to make her smile,
Her eyes remind me of leaves in the autumn wind.

Her laughter could put the sun, in all of it's brilliance, to shame.
Her body is beautiful,
Enough to make the ocean weep.

When I am around her,
No other girls even compare,
I am with who I am happy with.
Happy where I am.

I'm not in love,
I just like her a lot.
Well, that's what she thinks
One night, when the stars are bright,
I'll tell her my true thoughts
And hope that they are returned.
Wuji Seshat Mar 2015
Emma’s Journey

Now no more the slanting rays
Of rain or snow, this poetry
Of weather charting the bright haze
Of days on Earth, sweeping melodies

Did your forget even for a time?
That our days here are limited?
Feel it slipping like an evening hymn
The months become years of lost moments

Most musical and to heaven extending
The loves ones leave us now
The Sun we once held so dear
Is softly descending, O Lord our waiting eyes

This universe as wide as the speed of light
These ***** nightly meditations for what
You would have become, little signs
Of creation and contemplation

While my world is growing dim
Now no more the crimson blaze
Of fiercely loving, give me wisdom
For these tragedies, of losing and loving

And starry pleasures of transcendent gestures
Encoded in art in private moments
Of what it feels like to be lost, anonymous
And solitary, the unexpected sleep
Of a youth dying before their course was set.
Spencer Craig Jan 2015
Emma Watson without question is the most amazing woman that has ever existed.
Well this wasn't really spontaneous. I am thinking it at like every second of the day and it is practically my mantra. But I just thought it would be cool to share it with you.
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