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Somewhere in this world, I've heard that it's true,
That a creature exists, with huge eyes that are blue,
A small kind of creature, you'd mistake for a mouse,
A small kind of creature, with a small kind of house,
Now this creature is kind and so full of affection,
But the worlds big and scary, so it requires protection,
But fear not young Snuggle-Bug, you are destined to find,
Another such creature, that's also so kind,
A creature that's known, from the east to the west,
As the Snuggly-Buggly if you hadn't have guessed,
Now the Snuggly-Buggly is small but it's strong,
And it holds the Snuggle-Bug in it's arms which are long,
Now it keeps it warm and it keeps it secure,
It gives it some love, and it gives it some more,
If one makes a mistake, a hug's what they're given,
Because each of them knows, they'll always be forgiven,
Now remember this Snuggle-Bug, no matter what you do,
The Snuggly-Buggly will always love you.
My first attempt at a childrens poem, but it's also a love poem to my Snuggle-Bug :)
The awe inspiring magnificence, of cosmological constraints,
And the forces within that drive us, whether sinner or a saint,
The undeniable beauty, and astrological grace,
Are insignificant visuals, when they are compared to your face.

The horrendous acts conducted, and mentalities so vile,
Destruction, infection, corruption, deception, with un-ending torment and bile,
The daily atrocities committed, with purity and innocence defiled,
Simply all melt away, when I stop and I picture your radiant smile.

The guise behind which we hide, and the pretence we all adorn,
The haggard faces we cover up, in an attempt to blend into the swarm,
The conditioning forced upon us, to death from when we are born,
Is the last thing my mind can invoke, when I witness the perfection of your form.

We are all truly evil, we are all truly kind,
We are all capable of extremes, when we need to protect our own lives,
When we're pushed to the edge, animal instincts are what we find,
But serenity and creation, are the foundation of your mind.

When compared to the incredible, when compared to the depraved,
When compared to the victims, when compared to the saved,
When compared to the weak, when compared to the brave,
You are absolute and my everything, you are the path that has been paved.
This is for emma sawyer, the most incredibly talented and beautiful person I know :)
firexscape Jul 2014
Emma is the girl
For who you'd pay millions
Just to hear her laugh
That laugh
It is a laugh no summer breeze can compete with
To hear Emma talk
Is to immerse yourself in a still black lake
Illuminated my moonlight's gleam
On a raw summer night
Once you hear it
Her voice becomes the only lullaby
You will ever fall asleep to
Once you see her
The second you do
Beauty will cease to exist
There will only be Emma
And that which is not her.
Listening to Bon Iver's "For Emma", I asked myself "who is Emma?".
Dear Emma Watson -
Shall we make love
The object of
Our spiritual quest

Surely an altogether
Better option
Than pairing you off
In a commentary box
With one John Motson
Discussing twenty two
Pairs of socks
Chasing a piece of leather?

If spiritual questing
Is not for you
I will make do
With tightly tied pairs of shoes
Existential emus,
Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

Whilst hoping you find
Your Sherlock Holmes,
Miss Watson
I will content myself with
Cataloguing my collection of
Black and white combs.

I also have plots on
Which I need to work -

Wednesday Addams's love of
Moon dried tomatoes

Or Erica Roe
Somewhere in Portugal
Growing sweet potatoes
For sale.

Don't let anyone tell you
There ain't no perks
To being an Omega Male.

— The End —