No, He said.

I want you

I want to taste the miracle of your desperation,
lick the sweet sweat of tense from the hairline well hid
on the back of your pleasuring neck.

I need your needing constant completion,
but not succeeding.

The airborne aroma of your desires are fiery, arousing,
stimulus sensating me by the unending beauty of dissatisfaction,
this virus desirous, infection, makes my perpetual wanting  
for an incomplete perfect woman,
forever seeking betterment,
perfectly complete.


11-15-17 11:51pm
mixed up emotions re this one; who is the striver, who is selfless   and/or selfish;  can be understood in many different ways

With a flourish,
It was gone.
The warm beating heart
slipped out of the slashed chest,
still simmering and bleeding,
and he held it in his palm.

With every beat,
it slowly withered and flustered,
unaccustomed to this
harsh brutality
and whimpered as it saw its lifeline,
its blood dripping down, down
down to the ground and as it left its corpse,
as the life slowly slip away from the body it left behind,
and nothing but
flesh and bone
hopes and dreams
tears and smiles
were left behind.

He gingerly kissed it.
Gave it a little rub.
Put it to his hear.
Heard it call out to its rightful owner.
Then put it in his pocket.

He walked away.

Keep your heart safe guys, keep it well and where it belongs-- with you.

Knee socks
by arctic monkeys

moon time
star shine
echoes in my bones
can't feel my toes
hearing your voice is a shot of adrenaline
and not the good kind
my body rattles through the silence
and meteors shower my soul
memories are too raw to call
but they come without beckoning
in flashes meteors tear through the atmosphere
and i lay immobile as they become a camera shutter
one flash... and there is your smile, a lopsided grin

I wrote this a month ago: 4/29/17
  Nov 13 Creep that Loved You

a flicker
of recognition

a glance
into a sea of faces

a pair of eyes
that were once familiar

but the feeling is

the emotion is

i look away

  Nov 13 Creep that Loved You

Sometimes you expect more of someone,
Because you
Would do that much.
And it hurts to realise
That you don’t have:

A rope to grasp,
A wall to lean on.

That you walk on a floor,
Whose tiles unfeelingly dissolve,
Letting you fall into the abyss,
With no rope to grasp.

That the one that haddock your turns to wind,
Letting you lose your balance,
With no wall to lean on.

An emptiness so vast,
Barley contained,
Held within a fist of flesh,
Pulsing with despair.

I am the poetry that breathes words into your mind.
I fill up blank spaces with encouraging lines.
I possess no magic powers to turn back time.

I am the poetry that brings back childhood fears.
I speak the truths you're not sure you wanna hear.
I clarify emotions that were previously unclear.

I am the poetry that digs deep to tear at the soul.
Once I enter you, you can never be whole.
Without the words inside you, you feel so cold.

I am the poetry that tries to hold back time.
Keep the body frozen but activate the mind.
Using line after line to make you all mine.

I am the poetry that flows through your veins.
That proves how much I love you, day after day.
I help keep your sanity, when you think you're going insane.

I am the poetry that floats in front of your eyes.
Always surrounding you, seeing through your every disguise.
I know everything you think, I know all your lies.

I am the poetry until the day you die.

You were a sight for sore eyes,
they way you walked up
that pure smile
and that laugh
god I could never get enough of it--

But I guess,
I guess,
maybe that was it.
I could never get enough of you.
And when you got enough of me?
You easily let me go.

Yikes why is this always the issue for me holy moly

beach baby
by bon iver
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