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Emma Elisabeth Wood
F/UK    // queer poet // hack poet //
"Don't make the mistake of confusing the writer with her words." I simply write about things I lost or found.
Emma Pickwick
24    Let's play


Patrick Leduc  Sep 2010
Patrick Leduc Sep 2010
Beautiful Emma!
Amazing Emma!
Fairest maiden of them all
I do not have a diamond ring to offer
but I give you my heart

Lovely Lady Emma!
Magnificent Emma!
Unnaturally kind and superb
You are the sun in this world of darkness
You shine through the clouds of despair
To show your radiance to us;
To me

I love you beyond words
You are majestic, selfless
Never cease to be, you Jewel of the Heavens
You Angel
You Sweet Lady
Never stop being you
Esther  Jun 2013
Miss Little Emma
Esther Jun 2013
Miss little Emma
Five years old
She has no problems
With her body and hair like gold

Miss little Emma
Eight years of age
Came home crying
They pushed her in the sage

Miss little Emma
Twelve years old
They told her crush she liked him
She didn't think they were cold

Miss little Emma
Young and fifteen
He broke her little heart
After she gave him everything

Miss little Emma
Eighteen and old
She looks back on her school years
Feeling oh so bold

Miss little Emma
Didn't have friends
She was bullied the whole time
There was no end

Miss little Emma
Was told to die
She makes the last cut
After she says "goodbye"