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Gordon Chai Oct 2018
you got an idea, that's cool to hear
it's best to keep it (to yourself), so someone else
can make it come to life.
sit back and relax.
let them do the work
while you watch how it works.
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
you got a new idea
you want to start a new project
what's holding you back?

you have all the resources you need
you don't know how to use it
what's the point?

you need to learn your tools
you need to know the potentials of it
the more you know, the better you will get
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
i don't have a plan
i can't find the time
i don't have the skills

i can't seem to start it
i don't want to touch it
i can't think about it

i want to do it
i want to finish
i just want it done
try reading it reverse.
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
I inhale you, knowing I can die the next day
but the relief you give, makes my today
Gordon Chai Oct 2018

how many do i need
to feel like something?
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
I know you once did, and now
you just act like you care.
You wanted my attention
so I offered it coz I care.
Since relationships are mutual
even I start to not care.
Don't ask me for more
I know you wouldn't care.
The more we go through
the less we both care.
When this happens again, just know
I don't want your fake care.
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
I used to love seeing your face everyday.
In fact, I would only leave my house knowing you would be there.
The more we talk face to face, we began to run out of topics to cover.
Disagreements would happen so new conversations could be created.
We began to enjoy the art of silence and the art of presence.

Distance has became the new appreciation.
In fact, I would fill my schedule with work to avoid meeting you.
I did not have to face your attitude or deal with any negativity.
I was able to do me and still enjoyed knowing you are there for me.
You have became the backup to my loneliness.

The more I think about it, the more I liked it.
In fact, I started to enjoy independence and found self-love.
I never have to worry about what to plan for us or what to do next.
The amount of freedom I felt, relieved me from stressing out.
I can decide on the spot, click send and just move on.
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