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Urmi Jan 23
Deep were his eyes
The ones to get lost in
Far-flung pacific blue that
Set her yacht on a
Long, tireless journey
The tides never forced her
To let go of his hands, ever
Even though the sharks
Chased her,
She fought them, bravely
When lost midway,
She would reach for
The ethereal, mysterious stars
And following after
The subtle stardust
He always sprinkled behind
She would always find her love.
Urmi Jan 20
The oceans are wide and open
Vast and awake
Just like my senses
The tides are lashing and tiring
Haunting and immortal
Just like my sadness
The waters are cold and heavy
Stabbing and endless
Just like the scars you gave me
But oceans can be light too
Just like the time you left me.
Despite being with her all the time, he was never there for her.
Urmi Jan 20
In the midst of a summer day,
With the sun gleaming golden brown
I wake up to find a flickering ray,
That interferes with my thinking crown.

I'm sitting down on my bed,
And travelling to far-off harbours
I cannot think of anything else,
But just the magical grandeurs.

I've reached the Crow's shore of Ketterdam,
And am sailing for Hogsmeade
The Ferolind's joltingly reached Nottingham,
And I'm not thinking of nothing else.

The purple tulips, the marvellous castle,
All shiny on a shining day
The wind's whistles, the leave's rustle,
All make me delightful on this day.

The world seems so tiny,
From up above the blue skies
The Firebolt I'm now riding,
Seems to supress the little lies
I used to take in as a child.

Suddenly everything's so harsh,
I think I'm in the land of the White Witch
I crave for Turkish Delight so hard,
That I know not of the awaiting risk
Into the dark castle, as the daughter of eve.

I was so lost in the mysterious magical whirlwind,
I think I've travelled far, but not even a mile
When I open my eyes, I clearly see the still wind
Of dust, crime and fraudulence all in a pile
That tempts me to snivel for the fair play,
Since I'm the lost girl and the world, a treacherous display.
  Jan 19 Urmi
I watched you water my petals
Soaking my roots with your love
But then the drought came
And you left me thirsty.

My petals wilting away
From your abandonment.
And I watched as my soul died
In the lonely drought.
Urmi Jan 19
They say eyes
are the windows to the soul
maybe that is why
yours are pitch-black,
clouded and yet
sinfully beautiful.
Urmi Jan 19
You plonked your head
on the pillow
shut your jaded eyes
hoped to stop your brain
and escape the foul reality
but how can you evade
something that you are
so profoundly a part of?

You cannot escape
your existence.
Urmi Jan 19
I had a dream this winter
Of ****** leaves and of ochre branches,
Of sprout twigs and of lakeside lunches
Of the resplendent canopies, of the infinite sleepless nights,
Switching through warm vivid reveries
And the seeping soulful flickering brights
Of my yellow scattered image in the yellow gleamy pond
Of the fluttering up of my wavy white blonde
Of the sun tanned Jack, of his sea-green eyes
Deep when he sees me, deadly when he turns back
His palms are white, mixed with red and green,
He fondles my forehead with his spindly long fingers
This lissome Jack can never feel like a dwam
As he touches me with all his heart
The enigmatic love that dribbles down my skin
That lingers with me, even after I stir.

He trails again to far-off heavenly lands,
To the Sun, the Stars and the hurrying horizons
Hastily taking my olive hands,
He pulls me up, our hearts pressed on us
Suddenly the skyline fades, the seas turn black
I can’t see Jack, his Prussian eyes now black
I open my eyes and I am back in my dark icy dwell
Cold as I was, cold again I am
Ripped away from Jack, my shine, my light
Who I was with, every fragment of this frigid wintry night.

— The End —