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dierdre Apr 2022
Every time you were together
Whenever your hands touch hers
I am filled with this emotion
Was it jealousy?
Because it wasn't me who you are with
Or was it envy?
Because you have someone to lean on other than me.
dierdre Aug 2021
I am a moth
You are a flame,

Drawn to you
Captivated by everything you do,

Despite the risks of getting burned
I still keep on closing in,

To feel the warmth
of your embrace.
dierdre Jul 2021
He was once again
by the people who only gave him pain
leaving scars that'll forever remain.
dierdre Jun 2021
Some nights
the little girl would cry
covering her ears
cowering in fear
wishing that her nightmares would disappear.
dierdre Apr 2021
The sorrow that he felt
As he watched her wife in flames
Made his eyes
Bled in tears.
dierdre Mar 2021
He looks at her
as she walks away
while on his knees
trying to pick up his heart's
broken pieces.
dierdre Mar 2021
And in the midst of chaos
she finally found peace.
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