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Amy E Aug 2019
It's a different language we speak
You say you can't be rewired
But it breaks my ******* heart
When I can clearly see your demons
And you just dig in your feet
I was once your ray of sun
But I've faded to a flicker
No more cards to play
The heart on my sleeve is drowning
It's ugly, what I've become
They say love is blind
But fear is deaf
Amy E Apr 2019
you pulled me in
when I wasn't looking
a kiss deeper than stars
your hand traced my face
and with that you took me
Amy E Apr 2019
She heads to the door
And tries to bid farewell once more
But the friend has more stories
Of many categories
That is the Midwest au revoir
Amy E Mar 2019
Cage affixed to my head
Needle stuck in my vein
You must not move an inch
My dear, you're still allowed to

Quiet, frantic heart.
You’re causing me to
I know it’s strange and loud and dim
But listen. Hear that soft

Dare you not sneeze
Or scratch that itch now
Rest your eyes, close your shutters
Lie still as a corpse, just one more half-hour

Bang. Crash. Wail.
Please stop, my skull aches
How cool the serum flows
Perhaps the music found my clothes
and ushered me on home

The doctor calls to me now -  mouth dry
Let us discuss your brain.
Inside a tumor lies, no surprise,
Allow me to explain
This lump, it sleeps, 'tis quite petite
And most believably benign.
Amy E Mar 2019
I must tell you of when Bridezilla came
But beg, please repeat not of this true tale
She had a dream, anyone she would maim
If they stood between her white fairytale
A gasp, a screech, her eyes went wide as wells
A maid’s bouquet lost, bride began to melt
Her skin flushed red, her eyes could only swell
A lovely wedding still be born, maids felt
She barked for them to leave the room at once
Hushed whispers rose throughout the dainty church
Such small matters could cause her to denounce
Finally, the bride at last emerged
Of course, the union came to be, oh yes
But not before creating undue stress
First time writing a sonnet. This was a challenge.
Amy E Mar 2019
The ocean holds me in her arms
Though I am hesitant to venture
Crystal waves draw me in, how fast they disarm

I push off from the boat, the salt, my body burns
Face plunged in the water, breath sharp, seeking out my center
The ocean holds me in her arms

Blue water is pure, yet it still churns
Eyes fixate on bright schools of fish, stout and slender  
Crystal waves draw me in, how fast they disarm

Stray flipper to my face, thick water in my mouth, and it spurns
So, I turn to avoid the offender
The ocean holds me in her arms

Back to the lively landscape below, sea turtles and sea worms
Words cannot recreate the beauty here, no matter how I endeavor
Crystal waves draw me in, how fast they disarm

Back to the boat, I climb the ladder of the stern
Pause to admire the scene, air tickles like a feather
The ocean holds me in her arms
Crystal waves draw me in, how fast they disarm
My first attempt at a villanelle poem.
Amy E Mar 2019
I could eat a dozen
Perhaps I ought, I glance at
The box, white and untouched
Alone on the table, sweet air inside

I can’t help but break the seal
Revealing ****** frosting, perfect lines
Would anyone know if I took
Both a fritter and macaroon?

Lord help me, no restraint
As I grab a fistful
My waistline can’t trust me
My tongue simply yearns
For every single pastry
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