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Cat Lynn Mar 2018
If I allowed my hand to get acquainted with a calm blade
and allow them to work together to have my grave made.

It would be so much easier

If I gathered all my possessions and left the challenges and callings
and ran away from all my troubles and problems that won't stop falling

It would be so much easier

If I took a bullet to these warm feather breezed feelings that stir up the winds
and forced unwanted emotions to take command, and avoid the punishment of being mentally skinned

It would be so much easier

If I gave up my fight... and simply lose the battle of my individuality
And accept their Labels of Lies and give them the right to make me wear a mask that is beautiful but beastly.

It would be so much easier

If I accepted my fate in depression and abuse and allow it infest inside of me
and be as dark and gruesome as I've always been tempted to be

It would be so much easier

If I chose to ****** all the things I've worked hard for
By throwing them over the wall of rejection... and watch it shatter onto the deep floor

It would be so much easier

If I ignored all the beloved people who surround me and would do anything
And focused devouring myself back into the past until I'm nothing more then bone and ****** strings

It would be so much easier

But Just Because It's Easier...
It Doesn't Mean It's Right...
I won't lie, there are so many temptations out there that can cause me to drift away from the will of God. There are so many things that would be so much easier to do.... but just because it's easier it doesn't mean it's right... Sometimes we need those struggles and challenges to make us stronger, to make us better. These temptations are so addicting I'm sure to many of us. An easy path can lea you to a path of destruction and misery

May God Continue to Guard my Heart and Direct my path on the path of Life, Light, and Wisdom...

Cat Lynn ///
3/24/18 - Progressive Dinner
JoshuaX Feb 2018
Sometimes I wanna thank God he let the devil be with me
So I'd be aware on whoever loves me
Why didn't I notice
I Should've known this
I should've seen this I am turnin like her
I'd take the risk
Everyday it's her that I miss.
Jaycee Jan 2018
It's never fun,
banging on the heart of another  
trying to get in when the key just, never really fit.
How can you love someone correctly,
when you're so angry over another?
luis Dec 2017
in my closet,
I have a torn jacket
two holes in its pocket
a rip in its hood, and
a broken zipper

patches, and stickers
stains of liquor
from when i drinked
so that I wouldn't miss her

I haven't thrown it
it's precious, for some reason
to throw it away
would, to my heart, be treason

I wore it when we met
on that cold autumn night
when the freezing wind swept
the leaves to our left and right
a scene from a movie
or a novel, perhaps
I look back and I tremble
I faint, I collapse
my mind goes numb
stuck in the memory
of that autumn night of fate

I gained myself, but I lost myself
when I put my jacket in her hands
Brenda Mukisa Oct 2017
Is that a game?
no, art.
i remember the first time I talked to you
i knew you were a blogger or something...
yah!... you guessed right.
our first lines
now I know more... more, more
you do not eat cake
which I could never relate too
you do not eat pizza
that can be okay....
you studied a stranger kind of medicine
the kind a twisted mind holds onto
you walked away from it
you like complexity
simple and routine is boring for you
you can afford to junk only once a year
you talk about your child with less emotion
you ask questions
not because you need the answer
but you want to know that the other party wants the same thing
you want people to tell you what they want
only because somehow you expect them to say...
they want you...
you pull away when they don't.
you are complex
you reach out and pull back at the same time
there is a part of you that wants to be chased.
or wants to tell someone simple i'm not interested.
you smile in between kisses.
you make actual conversation
not the kind that says I do not want to know
you are confusing
you are not forgettable though.....
what do you want....
happiness....good people..
what do you want....
probably our last lines.
Torias Sep 2017
If you ever think that you are a story no one would ever read, then there is something you don't know. You are more than that. You are the girl that people can't get out of their heads. They'll run in circles if you asked them to. A mystery that no one will ever solve unless you want them too. You are the woman that people write novels about. The classic and the modern. Someone who will never quite escape their minds, because you are so very extraordinary. And it is scary to know that we will never come across someone quite like you because you have that special glow.
8/25/17~To my $10 bill
Seanathon Jun 2017
There’s an emptiness about it
Just words on a page
Just thoughts on a screen
And nothing more

Although there was a time, when I really let myself hope
I’ve kind of moved beyond that
Although she is as beautiful as the sun, the moon or any sort of imagery I could depict
I know that it’s not for me to see
Her footprints are in front of me
Moving out into the darkness of this good night

You just know some times, because…
You try, and live and breathe, and get up every day and, try again
But some things no matter how hard you try, just aren’t meant to be
You can’t even ask for them
She is one such thing

I’m really thankful for her, and I don’t tell her but…she’s often on my mind

I wish I knew her
Better than I know my own mind and my own person
Because she is
Not just worth knowing, but worth memorizing and understanding

Time and time again
Because she is
Written impromptu to the tune of track 09 - The Feeling That Doesn't Reach
Elle Bogue May 2017
There´s a man in my life
who with one glance
becomes commander of my will
and master of my thoughts.
My heart yearns his care,
my curves crave his hands.

However an endless void
rips trough my dream:

He doesn’t love me.

I go to him whenever he calls;
no matter the time, even when night falls.
After untangling sheets, we embrace into each other
staring into each other's eyes
until we drift into our own minds.

But he doesn't want me.

We wake up next to each other.
His smile is my warm morning sun
Yet when I manage to break his spell
and make my mind my own again
he can't wait to try to lure me back in.

Yet he says wants to be alone.

He calls and worries,
making sure I'm shielded from harm.
He couldn't stand if fatality struck,
and can't wait for me to be back
in the safety of his blessed arms;

But he wants to not care.

His eyes are yelling with his stare
that his soul is in line with mine,
that his thoughts belong to me.
When he holds me, he doesn’t let go.
With every kiss, we are nowhere and everywhere.
I am his and he is mine.

However, an endless void
rips trough my dream:

He doesn’t know he loves me.
Mara W Kayh Apr 2017
And today
Let us remember
That of all the illusions
Death is the deepest
This is almost a repost of an earlier shorter version which simply read "Of All the illusions, death is the deepest" . Today, to acknowledge Easter ( though I don't assosicate with or distinguish between religions) , this is what I have to say :)
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