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Viral Apr 2020
My dear O dear
I humbly request
Be done with your flings
And your silly affairs
We have history to write
And a story to start
Come and join me
You need to play your part
I'm getting a bit lonely
Holding my own heart
Viral Mar 2020
Nothing you say surprises me
Don't be mistaken
I'm not reducing the depth of you
But layer after layer
the more you reveal yourself
the more I realize, I know you
I have always known you
The first time I saw you
I felt like I have known you,
I had never met you
but I have always known you.
You are no enigma, no mystery
You are comforting and familiar
You are warmth of my home
You are peace of my mind
The kind that silences
the loud noises in my head
You do not surprise me
You cannot surprise me
Because you are part of me
And that's how I know you
Viral Mar 2020
Bewitching eyes,
Sinful smile,
and those Beautiful lips;
Distract me from keeping up,
with the words coming out of it.
The more i look,
the more i lose
myself in them.
Tempted to lean in,
follow the impulses,
Cross the lines
of sanity.
But i resist.
Logic tethers my instincts
Mind holds back my heart
Reality ends my daydream.
Waking me up
back to your words
back to your eyes
back to your lips,
and the cycle goes on
  Feb 2019 Viral
Bhoomika Rahinj
There is a place out there, somewhere, waiting for me.
Somedays, I sit and it all comes to me.
The fight within. The astonishingly thin line between dark and light.
And the struggle not to stray.

Most days, I know where I stand.
Then, there are other days; days where the veil is hidden
and everything is exposed. I see myself as I really am.
I see the dark. I see the light.
But I don't see a future.

That's when I remember you,
Everything you promised me.
And I remember this place.
Here, the struggle is not important, because you are here.
I am here.

And that's all I need to keep fighting.
  Nov 2017 Viral
So long I’ve spent on the question: me,
too little on the answer: we.

We get up in our heads
'bout how our stories will be read.

But I found a kitten who was a stray.
Without thinking, he knows to play.

It begs the question, what would we do?
If we turned off our minds and had a moment or two.

To express our true nature without right and wrong:
I tilted my head back and bellowed a song.

Without judgment, leaves know to fall;
bread knows to rise, and we know love's all.

Minds say that’s wrong, and you can’t forgive,
but silence begs daisies in the concrete to live.
  Oct 2017 Viral
The stranger has returned
The one I despise.
I can see his shadow
Behind her green eyes.

I thought he was gone
Not seen him for years
But look here he is
Confirming my fears.

This uninvited guest
Who brings only sadness
I just want to hold her
Protect her from this madness.

He's doing his best
To pull her apart
It's sapping her strength
And breaking my heart

I see his presence
Inside her head
He tells her there's no point
In getting out of bed

He taunts her at night
As she lies awake
The pills aren't working
The cycle they can't break

He takes her emotions
To love, to be kind
He's trying to change her
To poison her mind.

She looks at me angry
Says I don't understand
As she pulls away
When I try to hold her hand

How are you doing?
I hear everyone ask
I'm good she replies
From behind her mask

They all think she's fine
That she's doing OK
But I know different
He's making her that way

I know I can't fix her
I can't make It right
So i will just love her
And pull her in tight.

She needs me to be patient
She needs me to be strong
She needs understanding
For however long.

So i tell myself this
Whenever I can
That the tears I am crying
Make me no less a man

It's threatening to consume me
The pain no one sees
Watching her struggle
With this wicked disease

I know that she needs me
To travel this road
To support and to help her
To lighten her load

And we need her also
The children and me
How important she is
I wish she could see

This kind and loving Woman
With so much to give
He's pulling at her soul
Her reason to live

But this woman is strong
She won't let him stay
Our love for each other
Will chase him away

Each time he comes
He stays a little longer
Though when he leaves
Our bond it grows stronger

Her hapiness will return
And her zest for life
This wonderful mother
My beautiful wife

Our lives will be joyful
And happy once more
With our 2 crazy children
Our family of four.
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