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Forgotten Dreams Dec 2014
It's so easy to forget,                                            Then suddenly... gone
Let thoughts just slip away...                      a      I agree though,
Let them fade into non-existence.                   w      It's sad
Or at least that's how people play it.            a                  Sad how easy it is
Honestly...                                                   ­                        To pretend to
If you try to forget something,                            t        care
The more it just sticks with you.       a                                  love
Anything you want to remember...              o            dream
Well, that just seems to slowly f            l                                     forget

But that's all life really is, isn't it?
                                                             ­                       One big old **pretence
Dear Blank Challenge 2014. Written for Mikayla Hughes in response to her wonderful poems (check them out they're great)
Ember Evanescent Dec 2014
Dear Maggie Grace,

I find you to be a phenomenal poet. I want to recognize, acknowledge, and express my admiration, for all of your marvelous work, you are a beautiful part of this site and I have selected some of my favorite lines from your work. It is all really spectacular, and I have put my interpretations and thoughts below each poetic phrase you wrote:

Drinking my cold chai tea,
Tears falling endlessly.
-Maggie Grace

This is so vivid and genuine. The reality and physicality captured by these lines is fascinating and incredible. The description of the sensory so simply yet brilliantly put. I love your style of poetry. Also, chai tea is amazing. ;P

“Yes, I’m fine,”
And people believe me,
-Maggie Grace

You bring to focus such an achingly relatable topic. To be so indescribably not fine, but to say it anyway and to have people believe you, it is a unique and unpretty type of pain.

Weaving their web of lies,
Their pain they hide.
Don’t say hurtful things,
-Maggie Grace

I love, love LOVE these lines “weaving their web of lies” such magnificent imagery WOW! And the message you convey is such a vital one. To fight against hurtful words.

Save the teenage girl,
she needs her life,
she needs her everything,
stop bullying.
-Maggie Grace

Bullying is such a global, agonizing problem and you have truly snared the essence of the anguish of being bullied. You are an excellent poet.

I like to wander in the snow, and think about things, like you.
-Maggie Grace

You paint a picture with words here, and so many of us can really connect with that sort of feeling, a pensive mood, pondering another soul in this world. The setting you provide is lovely. “To wander in the snow” how delicate and beautiful.

Maggie Grace,

Thank you for blessing Hello Poetry with your presence. I am proud to call you a fellow poet, I could really feel your soul in the poetic pieces you compose and you have a beautiful soul from what I can tell. Keep writing, because you are a credit to the art of writing. :)

Love Ember Evanescent
Everyone should check out Maggie Grace's work it is absolutely exquisite she has a gift for writing. Really, really talented poet. :)
Sydney Ann Dec 2014
Ye are not alone
Hear me, If ye will,
For I too have become one of the last of my kind
And my world falls apart
Just as thine own
And though we chase not the same Tower,
They are but one

Yes, Charyou Tree, come reap
I too have given up everything for my Tower
And if they knew,
They would demand I renounce my precious tower
But ka like the wind
Carries me forward
And I believe you understand
Why I know
I will draw
My last breath
On the path of the beam
The Dark Tower, written by Stephen King
(Unless you have read, you will never know)
Meggghanq1 Dec 2014
You words tell of hurt and loss
But the way you write is so much more.

You fill hello poetry with your thoughts and concerns
You open up and leave yourself raw

Your writing is quite beautiful,
Never the same, never cliche, you write what's real to you

So I want to take this time to appreciate your words.
with a few words of mine as I try to sum up how awesome you and your poetry is.

In your poem Backwards I thought it was really clever how the story is told from the bottom. I hope you realise that you don't need to be fixed you are you, you are real and that should be good enough for everybody else.

In your poem Beyond Repair I love the short simple lines that make it all the more meaningful and I like how I think I can relate to how you were feeling when writing this.

To sum it all up you really bring colour to hello poetry with your poems and I hope you keep writing and that I will see you get better and better.
Really everyone she's great look at her work :)
The Jolteon Dec 2014
Your words are truly beautiful
They paint the page
Dance in front of my eyes
Your words flow as surely and as calmly as the ocean
There is a peace in the writing
There is love and honesty in the writing
There is a connection with the honesty of life that I feel in the words
And I thank you for your beautiful poems

Below are excerpts from some of my favorite poems by ShowYouLove:

these are the things i love:

These are some things I love

Fresh baked bread and homemade apple pie
A long happy day concluded with a tired sigh
Friends that are forever and love that is pure and true
Spending time with those I love and when I think of you
Being there for those in need and ones that are suffering
To take a bad day make it happy and the joy we bring

I love these lines as they blend all of the truly simple pleasures - good food, time happily spent, good friends, thinking of those you love. Very beautiful words.

Regrets (Going Home):

I might have done things differently if so
I have come to understand a little a purpose far greater than me
Life is more than just a job, money, or nice things I believe
It is family, it is love, it is a something that you feel
In your heart, in your soul, and it is very real
Helping others, taking care of yourself, being there, showing love
These are all things that matters most if push comes down to shove
Then again it’s not too late to try to reconcile
I’ll take responsibility for consequences and go the extra mile
The only thing I would ask is to keep me in your prayers
And that you know wherever you go someone really cares
The song changes, the light turns and I continue heading home
To a place I can go back to no matter how far away I might roam

This is one of my favorite poems. I love how honest and open the poem is. It recognizes faults but also shows how it's never too late to show your love to someone else and to express gratitude and ask for forgiveness. I find this poem to be amazing and inspiring.

Make It Better:

I want to be your salt, I want to be your light
To chase away the dark of night and say that it'll be alright
But I can't do any of this and it hurts me to the core
To see you suffer and not be able to help more

I like this passage because I think it expresses a feeling everyone has had in their life where they desperately want to help someone but can't. There is something sad and beautiful about this shared emotion.

Fragile Treasure:

But under proper circumstances we can bloom and flourish too
And we can bring harm or joy to others; the choice is up to you
Life is short and is a precious treasure
True beauty and worth are something only God can measure
Treat all life with care and respect
For each one is sacred and hand select

I love this poem and this passage because it shows how positive your writing is. I think it reflects the respect you have for life and that is beautiful!


When the light is fading fast, remember it's only in your mind
The past is gone, you can't go back and try once more
Now to remember not dwell and to look forward
Learn and grow
Your insecurities have no real control

I really enjoyed this because it again takes an idea that all people have shared - insecurities - and puts a positive outlook on it. Again it feels very honest to me and that is why I love it.

Thank you again ShowYouLove for your poetry. Your words really do inspire me and so many of your poems really resonate and connect with me and for that i am thankful.
This was in response to the Dear Blank Challenge. A great idea!!!
Crushing Love Nov 2014
Anxiety is your name, but do you know
you make everyone anxious to read your
wonderful words, that fall from your mouth
down to your hands, and on to paper?

Your work is quite heart filling,
Some might even say a little Thrilling.

I can tell by the way you write,
That somebody along the lines of
major duchebag or just plain abuser
has tainted your beautiful smile,
because I'm sure it's not there as much as before.

I don't want you to have anxiety from fear of being hurt,
I want you to have that, heart warming, butterflies in your tummy

So the next few times I read, I really hope
it's ten times better then now.
Your words right now are to sweet to let die in sadness
Let them flow just from utter happiness.
I love her work! She is an Amazing poetess.
Anxiety I'm serious though I want you to be happy and let your work flow from utter happiness. You deserve it.
Karina B Nov 2014
Dear Blank,
I left your name blank because I don't know who you are,
or where you are.
Are you near, or are you far?

Dear Blank,
Sometimes I wonder if I truly need you,
Or if I'm better off on my own.
But I am scared: will you lift me up or hold me down?

Dear Blank,
Will I ever find you? Are you really there?
Or are you just a memory, and idea, a question--
A question, with no answer, or confession.

Dear Blank,
If I search, will I find you?
I would call out for you, but I don't know your name,
And all I see surrounding me is more of the same.

Dear Blank,*
Are you really there?
I was inspired by the Dear Blank challenge which is going on right now. This isn't following the guidelines of writing it to another Hello Poetry member, which is why I didn't submit it as part of the challenge, but it is similar.
Karina B Nov 2014
Dear Mariah,

Who are you? I don't know.
All I know are your words.

Your words with out capitals,
because they don't need to be constrained my things like grammar,

Your words without rhymes,
because they pain a picture on their own, just letters,

Your words are just letters,
but together they are something more, something incredible-

Your words are something unique, something never before seen,
Your words are hope,

Dear Mariah,
Treasure your words.
Crushing Love Nov 2014
***, you are not repulsive
You seem very embracisive.

If I was a guy and saw you all the time
I would honestly die.

Just from the words that spill onto your paper
I think I will just have to meet you later.

Most guys are stupid
okay that was more of a understatement.

A lot of guys are very stupid, letting the one thing go that think are just toys, to be used, abused and hurt.
Thinking we won't retort.

I may have only read one or two of your poems
But *** you have a long way a head, let it show'em
how much you don't care anymore about him and his


because that's all it is.

Boy's only want love if it's torture.

You are an amazing poetess and you have to make it shine
for all those girls who are so upset they dial nine,nine,nine
instead of 910-go-****-yourself, I'm moving on.

Your talent is hiding, please let the world see your amazing writes.
This girl is an amazing writer and Charbear909 I'm sorry for the way he hurt you. He's a major ****** bag for that.
Ena Alysopriono Nov 2014
Dear Dexter,

All of your poems are filled with hatred with a deep underlying pain. You convey messages of undeserved hurt through your poems so well I am hurting with you.

Every poem is beautiful, no matter how dark the subject. There is even a beauty to the raw, ugly ones that show truth.

I chose a few of my favourite lines and responded to them.

“Everyone was so consumed in their own sadness that they failed to notice mine.”

You have been noticed. All of your poetry is amazing, but it breaks my heart. I can relate to your feeling of being overlooked. When everyone has their problems and you try to say something about yours, but no one has the time to here them and eventually you just fade into the background. No one has to be entirely alone. even if you only reach out to people on hello poetry, there are people here, myself included that care a lot about other people’s pain and through poetry you can feel it so much clearer than you can in conversation.

“Your self worth
runs even deeper.”

You make a poem about self hate sound hopeful with these lines. It is supportive and beautiful.

”because how do you tell someone 
who has never shed a drop of blood in 
their life,
that every part of you is bleeding.”

These lines break my heart. They are so full of pain and truth. It is really astounding poetry.

“because no matter 
the number
on the scale, 
you will still
call me at 3am,
begging for a 
reason to live.”

You capture the human nature so well. We have feelings that run deeper than instincts, think beyond logic and explanation, but when it comes down to it, we still have a survival instinct, that begs us not to **** ourselves.

“Stop making the hurt you feel sound cool and trendy. 
Tell the world what it's truly like
because lately people have sewn the words 
"Beauty" and "pain" into a cute little pink sweater in white lace.”

These words are so true. It seems like everyone is romanticizing pain, instead of discouraging people to follow in those footsteps.  I know that there is no one in the world who would wish this upon their little brother or sister, son or daughter, friend, any relative. It is a pain no one should experience and it should never be advertised. I think you capture this in your poem/rant very well.


I feel your pain, you cynicism about the world, your hope that shows up even in some of the darkest of poems. I don’t know you except from your poetry, but it seems that life has been cruel. I sincerely hope that life decides to stop being such a ******* and turns around for you, soon. I believe that things will get better, for anyone who suffers anything, if you give it a chance. I think you have waited long enough and deserve something good now. You are a good person, you care about others, I can see it in your poem, Pain isn’t Beautiful which is entirely true and I have seen people making pain seem desirable. Your words ring truth and support for people who are suffering. Keep writing.

For those of you who have not read some of Dexter's work, you definitely should.
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