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Jaz Jul 2019
I feel the demons dancing around my shoulders,
the weight of everything on them is hard to ignore.
I hope one day the weight will be lifted.
Wishing this pain will one day end.
The ongoing suffering, the constant feeling of loneliness, it eats away at my soul.
The real me is starting to let go.
my mind wanders to a place that it has seen many times before,
but it seems like this is the last, with that I am sure.
Certain that my soul will not return, my demons have successfully won this fight.
I am convinced that these demons were right all along.
Their voices convinced me I’m not enough.
Drowning underwater and I am exhausting myself to come up, up for air.
As I lay here writing this, I contemplate on ending it, ending the self-torture and pain.
I don’t want all my small victories against them to be in vain.
I will continue to fight even though my hope is very little.
If you are reading this, know they aren’t real.
Those demons don’t want you to heal.
Stand up against them as I will.
In hopes one day that they will disappear.
HRTsOnFyR Sep 2015
Though phantoms may be howling at the edges of my mind
Ripping away gobs of flesh until my soul lies exposed
Rotting off my skull, hanging loose from my tired bones
Whilst the terrifying multitude of my unseen fear
Hath become like the vile, gnashing teeth of night's Reaper
As I bare witness to the demons rising and writhing
Within the silver pool of my own lean, haunted reflection
Yet I cannot turn away; Even in my darkest hour
I must summon the courage to stay; For this is my reckoning.

— The End —