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Gloria Mar 2015
You're bittersweet
Like grapefruit.

You're ****.
You're sweet
And you've got that bitter aftertaste.

Some like you with a little sugar,
Others need a lot.
But a select few of us,
we like you raw.

Even though I like you raw,
I can't take your acrid taste anymore.
You're delicious, you're good,
but you're no good for me.

Maybe  I should've waited till you were ripe.
Gloria Feb 2015
I want to drink my heart out.
I want to be reckless with my body.
I want to implode.

I want to not love you anymore.
I want to stop caring.
I want it to end.

That's a lie.
I don't want to stop loving you.
I just want to stop the hurt.

I'm glad you're happy
With her
and without
Gloria Jan 2015
And today all I wanted to do was...
         hold your hand for strength,
         get your ever curing bear hug,
         see your joy-inducing smile, and
         hear you say, "It's okay."

But I know that today,
you cannot give me this.

Today, you choose to give this to some other girl.

Today, I cry of a tomorrow without you.
Gloria Jan 2015
I may be your clutz
But you're my *******.
Gloria Jan 2015
When I've given up on you,
on us,
The Universe reminds me that
You cannot give up.
You mustn't.
He is yours and you, his

That has been written in our fates.
The love between us is too strong
and too long overdue.
Let this be the time we happen.
Let this be the time we work.
Gloria Dec 2014
When I call you an idiot,
I mean I love you
but I shouldn't say it.

When I call you a nerd,
I mean I love you,
especially when you start rambling about math.

When I call you a dork,
I mean I love you
but I shouldn't say it.

When I say you're a *******,
I mean you're a *******
but you're my *******.

And I am still madly in love with you.
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