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ZT Jun 2015
At first I had nothing, but was not empty
Until I met you and changed me completely
You filled me, little by little
1/8, 1/4, to half full
Until to the brim you filled me.

I am already full, I could say
But still, you continued pouring.
Those emotions you gave were overflowing
I thought I couldn't handle,

So I told you to stop
I chased you away
Until you were gone
I told you to comeback, but it's already done

The feelings that you once overflowed,
Was there no more
All I could do is to keep these feeling you left for me
To let it linger inside me

But as time passes by,
The world, the nature, the sun won't let me
Evaporation gets the best of me

And now,
Little by little
The emotions I treasured was fading
The feelings were fleeting

But I won't let the world get on my way
I shall conquer all the odds
Just so that a part of you could stay

In the darkness I shall seek shelter
To hide from the sun
To protect the fragments of my lover

I laugh at the sun, and I mock the world
For I am able to protect of what's left
But most of all
I pity myself

For trying to satisfy one's self from that tattered dream

Pretending to be happy for keeping a half of it
Yes a half, but not half full, As it once was
Because when he left, it can never be half full
But will always be half empty.
So, what is it for you? Are you half full or half empty???

— The End —