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Cody Al Feb 2019
You cannot keep people from coming and going
No matter how hard you try people will come and go as they please in your life, even if it hurts
It is important for them to be happy, as well as it is for you to be
But it is not their responsibility to keep you happy

That is yours
The longer you fight and scream to keep them there
The more it will hurt in the end
So maybe it is just best to let people leave as they please
Even if it means to sit there alone in the middle of the night with a cup of alcohol in your hand
Sitting in the dark crying as you try to figure out what you did so wrong that made them leave

But it wasn't you that did anything wrong
You were just you, and you are perfect as long as you are happy
They did not do anything wrong either
They did what they needed to do for them to be happy

Neither of you are responsible for one another
You do what you can to keep YOU happy

When you put others first, you teach yourself that you come last
Put yourself first always
Treat others how you want to be treated
Be kind to others always

Even though it is in the name, common sense isn't as common as you would hope for
You have to respect others opinions
Even if it goes against what you say and like

You are alone
But you aren't lonely in any way
You have people here with you
Even when it doesn't feel like it

So let those people leave
Let more enter
Don't be afraid to leave others as well
Take care of yourself
Put yourself first

You are the main character of YOUR story, not THEIRS
The most you can do is tell the person why you are leaving if there is a reason
Give them that closure if you can
I will no longer be holding people back with my insecurities
This is just something that is on my mind that I struggle with immensely and need to realize
Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
Why is you feeling bad or guilty
Paramount to me feeling
like you don’t care about me?

Even for a moment
Even when it’s insignificant


But I will swallow my pain
As always, again.

I will choke on my anxiety
So you can never say “you hurt me”

Those words break me
More than anxious thoughts screaming.

I will learn to conquer my anxiety
so that I can bring you peace.
Vener Oct 2018
i was never a fan of that taste--
yet you loved it so much
i hated your grapefruit lip tint the most
and yet the way your lips felt against mine--
it was different.
i mean,
don't get me wrong--
i still hate bittersweet things,
but all because of you--
i might just have to make an exception
it's not as bad as i thought,
but i might need some more convincing--
kisses will do.
my memories of you are bittersweet
if you knew about that,
you would've loved that,
wouldn't you?
Vener Sep 2018
Cry for the people who were never given a chance to shed a single tear.
--do it for the both of us
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
There is a light that likes to turn on
when I lay my head down for the night,
toss and turn with my dreams now forgone
no matter the yawn, this bulb is bright

not with so much as ideas but, words
and small phrases that I rearrange
that will fly away and cause me nerve
so I spread their wings, pin and arrange

their beauty captured and put in frame
so finally I can hit that switch
and try to win at this sleeping game
I will wake up in a few, poem rich

and so repeats the boundless cycle
capturing metaphor butterflies
in this restlessness bed of idyll
sleep late, wake early, a compromise
Lilywhite Sep 2018
Hold the ones who matter close..
Be sure they know, they matter most, because as the tides change, the puzzle pieces rearrange..

And it's so easy to forget what pieces connect to what part or— what even caused the initial spark that gave you the courage to paint the picture in the first **** place.

Why ignite the flame that burns so brightly behind your eyes, if you're not willing to compromise?

It's easy to blame and to remember blunder, but it's much, much harder to forgive the martyr. We live, we coincide, yet we deny the existence of inequality. We strive to live and let live, but forget the importance of strength in the structure between one another.

There is an exhilerance, or sort of ignorant bliss, in tolerance, but there's something entirely ineffable about that which accompanies the tenacity that we understand to be love.

The purposeful intent to forgive, to love beyond the depths of humanity's innate ability to err, is a feat I strive to emit in my fleeting, flicker of a lifetime. Do you not seek the same?

And as I envision the least desirable of decisions, I falter at the thought of never knowing what could have been. I will forever defend the foundation we built, with impressions, expressing the very values we defined in earlier times.

And I refuse to linger, lost inside my thoughts and allow you to berate the meanings we made, but rather, manifest the very best of visions; a place made up entirely of better decisions.
Mr S Sep 2018
Where do you stop? Where do I begin?
My heart bleeds into yours, a reservoir of sin. Take me home. Look behind my eyes.
Let me touch your soul, without your compromise.

The walls you’ve built are tall.
These walls I cannot climb.
You once showed me a future.
Now we leave that all behind.

The guessing game begins.
The mystery unfolds.
You told me there was love.
You made it sound so bold.

My old soul six feet under.
My charm rotting decay.
With every fiber of my being I loved.
Will you watch it waste away?

I’m needy right?
Those words cut me like jagged shards of ice. Making my heart grow cold.
Now I’m losing this fight.

I lay, sit, and walk around in constant torment. My chest chained to an anchor, woven throughout my ribs. You know this and just ignore it.

I am broken. By the one who was suppose to make me whole.
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