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Leal Knowone Feb 2015
black cats under calico sky's
in catacombs.white out mask mirrored eyes
white owl massacre  night, leaving the bones
take off mask you are home
you live in your cave
escaping hoards of insane
is this all a dream
this cant be reality
its obscene,its us
its everything, passing fling
refrain from truly connecting
parting your society
collapsing into the sea
****** debauchery hearing screams
in the a trophy of atrophy
this is everything I am wanting, and yet nothing at all
its a quick trip to the bottom, but this time your on top again
ride the horses the moist rainy night
show me I am wrong
and prove your are right
so I may worship at your feet
and steal away the night
Ash Tree Meadow Mar 2015
I remember crying over you.
I'm not talking a few tears and I'm blue.
I'm talking collapsing and screaming at the moon.

Daniel Mashburn Feb 2015
I know you're scared to death.
Of your whole world collapsing. Caving in.
But I also know that you almost welcome it.
So we'll just keep chasing the Brightside.

And the images of the horrors you've met.
You've held on to them.
I know you used them to break your skin.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

Life is what you'd expect:
Lies, lies, lies, and more broken promises.
And I know that your joy won't outweigh your disappointments.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

So you're writing poetry.
Not with pen and paper but with your every breath.
And I know that you welcome death.
But we'll just keep on chasing the Brightside.

From the rooftops I will scream it.
For love and now death, I've wept.
And I know that I won't forget.
But for now, I'll just keep chasing the Brightside.
Caroline Apr 2014
There is no medication for this inside the bathroom cabinet or behind the counter at the pharmacy.
No doctors note can get me what I need.
But I think there might be a cure in your throat
or your eyes
or your veins
or your lungs
Please medicate me

— The End —