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gracie Apr 2
Dreams of you descend—flurries
dancing through frosty air softly
as kisses on foreheads, gently
as fingertips trace the hollows
of collarbones; sleepy golden hair
peppered with stars as you exhale
warm wisps of breath into
the atmosphere. Tell me, what did you say?
Words caught in the curl of your lip
when I left you smiling to the silver
sky; communion between heaven
and poet. Even now, your laugh
rings like bells, angelic vision I reach
out to touch but you remain
ever evasive.
old poem reworked
Pep Sep 2018
Feeling my... collarbones
To remind me that I'm still
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Darcy May 2018
Grabbing fat that isn’t there,
Dulling eyes
And thinning hair

Peeling skin and bones that ache
Drying mouth
And “bathroom breaks”

Waking up to stomach rumbles
Stagnant breath
And steps that tumble

Dreams of food and calories
Diet pills
And longer sleeves

Endless nights and skin that chills
Never eating
To feed what kills

Being skinny has the price
Of six feet down
And three feet wide
I wrote this when I was 12
sweet ridicule Feb 2018
I love you tenderly.
In the morning your peaceful
complexion soft and your
earth-brown hair tousled
against baby pink pillowcase.
My nose pressed against your
cheek, I try to breathe you in
(inhale the smell of sleep) (longing)
with you I can focus in
on controlling my pulse
The arches of your collarbones
make me ache
your entire self singing of
wraiths Jul 2017
pale pink petals and matching champagne
cold grey eyes and the pavement against feet
the soft skin of collarbones and your lips

you give me a doe-eyed look before blood begins to seep
through your shirt and onto my hands
where it stains my palms temporarily
and my mind permanently
wraiths Jul 2017
you are beautiful; not in protruding collarbones and sparkling eyes but in a way that screams of self-expression and acceptance. you are beautiful in the way that leaves scars and burns from your dagger-like teeth and the fire that spills between them. your own heart has been marred so many times that damaged tissue has flowered over and hidden it away. ribs hug tightly to it in an effort to protect but are unaware that your lungs are being squeezed squeezed squeezed in the process, and you're left gasping for air.
Cecilie Andersen Sep 2016
You filled your skin with sharp lead and your arms with cigaret burns, without any screams, but with the blue mass that touched your cheeks. You used to think, that to put on a massiv amount of black eyeliner, would hide the fact, that you couldn't sleep at night. And you used to think that starving yourself, would make you feel just a little bit better about who you were, but all you ended up with was a stomach you could fit your hands around, collar bones that stuck  far out from your skin, so they could break at anytime and your hipbones were like knifes, that could slice a man open. You used to do and think so many stupid things, and you were just this little self-conscious girl that needed to be loved and accepted by someone. That little girl is still inside you, but you have learnt to control her and say no when she wants to play.
wraiths Aug 2015
you press your tongue
against the bones of my hips

hot blood splatters
against the mattress
as you bite your thin lips
through sharpened teeth
and trace your mouth
with wet kisses
across my protruding collarbones

paint my skin scarlet;
i want to drown in you
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