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Bhill Aug 2019
The steady chirping of the crickets
Is natures concert, without the tickets

How do they do it, I have to ask
Don't they get tired of their life long task

They click, chirp and clack, all night long
Hippin and hoppin to the same old song

It makes you crazy, I have to admit
I really wish, they all would just quit....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 194
Oh the sound....
Mark Parker Jun 2015
Untrodden silver cesspool, 
Darkened by bombshell blast, 
Riding in weathered abyss, 
Covered with killer cannon fodders past. 

Black battle went into starstruck night,   
All started to fall, but not all fast, 
Over tricky time they all did fight, 
With wind guiding bloodstained mast. 

Lovers light broke with rising sun, 
Gleefully gallivanting through hours passed, 
Tediously tiptoeing with hopes to run,  
Over red salty sea made infinitely vast.
Another old poem.
MC Hammered Nov 2014
No calm
before storm.
Leaving, I will not tip toe
to the back door.
Not wait until you're
Let clack of heels
break deafening
Refuse you satisfaction,
of thinking this would be
I told you already,
I am not your sometimes,
time left, is
Nadeah Apr 2014
Please, sit down .
    We all have purpose in life .
The laws of gravity makes us ....
               Click Clack.
Some human beings say they can't walk.
                In shoes that is .
Rather they be high heels or penny loafers.
  The blood in the vessels of our hearts..
             Click Clack.
                         Giving us the double .
   The double feeling to live .
Humans refuse to just think deep and focus .
         Focus on what they could actually be in life ....
Focus on life changing moments .
       Focus on the click clacking.
I am talking about how living is always ignored .

— The End —